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  1. Frank Facer
    Frank Facer Coffs dragon
    Hi Coffs. I have a recommendation that I think you may be interested in listening to. It is called The New Order Of The Barbarians. It is about a very revealing and prophetic speech that Dr Richard Day gave in 1969. Day was head medic for the department of Planned Parenthood and Planning, he was privy to the plans of the top of the pyramid and he told. It is on Youtube and over 4 hours long. It will explain a lot.
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    2. Coffs dragon
      Coffs dragon
      Thanks Frank....will try and take a look once I've moved house & have a spare 4 hours. WOW!
      Aug 17, 2017 at 6:58 AM
  2. GongPanther
    GongPanther Nice Beaver
    Shhh! My 59th birthday today...and I'm starting to feel age that is. :)
    1. Nice Beaver
      Nice Beaver
      Haha happy birthday mate!
      Hope you had a good one.
      And yeah......each one feels a bit harder than the previous one..
      Aug 13, 2017 at 9:45 PM
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  3. foreverinourshadow
    foreverinourshadow President Trump
    Welcome back mate...Shadow & R20 missed you ....Shadow...
  4. Frank Facer
    Frank Facer Dennis Papaioannou
    Hi Dennis. I just want to say, that I usually enjoy reading your posts. You look to have a very good perspective on the game and I usually agree with your post. You are one of my favourite posters.
    1. Dennis Papaioannou
      Dennis Papaioannou
      Thank you so much FF the feelings mutual.
      I am pretty new to this but I have been following the forum for a few years now.
      I just can't stand watching the demise of our great club.
      Best wishes
      Aug 6, 2017
  5. Collateral
    Identity fluid
  6. Amin Yashed
    Amin Yashed Perth Red
    Go back to Manchester, do Australia a favour
  7. Amin Yashed
    Amin Yashed Tommy Smith
    Hey tomtom. You live in the ville, stop supporting the roosters.
  8. Amin Yashed
    RHYTHM AND STEALTH Mixmasterreece
    Hey Mix
    Appreciate the feedback regarding the inside stuff in the club. ANy reason why the Sipleys not getting a run. If youve read my reports when i go to ISP games, there is nothing they can do to improve. They are ready, yet Lillyman plods for 60 odd metres. Mutts is going through the motions and Sao doesnt cut it
  10. Amin Yashed
    Amin Yashed adamkungl
    Hi Albert, how's Washington DC treating you?
    1. adamkungl
      I'm in North Sydney bud...
      Jul 13, 2017
  11. alien
    alien marshall stalin
    commie bastard!
  12. Twizzle
    Twizzle Poupou Escobar
    You got PD access now, you should be able to see it.
  13. Twizzle
    Twizzle I'm a loser baby...
    You got PD access now, you should be able to see it.
  14. Ron Jeremy
  15. Mr Angry
  16. Jimmy779
  17. Mixmasterreece
    Mixmasterreece Dani
    Whatever happened to Dani...
  18. Zachary Smith
    Zachary Smith
    Oh the pain, the pain
  19. Amin Yashed
    Amin Yashed LESStar58
    Vonny has joined me in Ma shed
  20. Kimmy01
    Corporate spamming is an embarrassing way of sourcing revenue & an terrible way to build your portfolio.