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  1. Everlovin' Antichrist
  2. Willow
    You'll have to re-join with a new email and name.
  3. Tarantosaurus
    I still exist.
  4. BestHookerRein
  5. Scott Brown
    Scott Brown Willow
    Hi, I have just joined today and I was wondering if you could tell me how I change my name on my account. Thanks
  6. DiegoNT
    I believe in karma. I like a system were i can be merkin to people and justify it by they've done something to deserve it.
  7. Gareth67
    Gareth67 the lame dragon 48
    Matey , I have misunderstood what you wrote in your post earlier today , and in reply was somewhat rude , so I have changed my reply to your post and I do apologise to you.
    We are very close In age and I should had known that you were being polite .
  8. Captain Apollo
    Captain Apollo Timmah
    FYI - My post in reply to one of your in the City-country thread - "Do you have a clearance from your previous club to post that?" was meant as a tongue in cheek reference to East Coast Tiger's meltdown over clearances which he carped on about when Jarryd Hayne signed for the Titans. He was so vociferous about it, it was a worthy nomination for "meltdown of the year". Hope that puts it all in context for you. :-)
  9. alien
  10. 5starcognac
  11. John moz
    John moz Old Timer
    Still nagging Old Timer since the day you joined this forum .Boring us all with your negative comments.
    1. Old Timer
      Old Timer
      John Moz, you put a statement out there and you have been asked to validate it.
      Nothing negative about that and most if not all posts of that kind are questioned.
      You either know the answer or you don't.
      I would also suggest that if you have been watching my posts since I joined you must post under several names otherwise you would have little knowledge of my posts prior to your joining.
      Nov 16, 2016
  12. John moz
    John moz RED73V
    What did you expect its been like this since Bennett left the dragons.
  13. Rabbits20
    Rabbits20 foreverinourshadow
    Follow me. Go to people you follow. You have to click on your name in the dark blue bar next to inbox to get to people you follow.
  14. Rabbits20
    Rabbits20 callmack1
    Cheers for the follow
  15. Rabbits20
    Rabbits20 rabbitohs95
    Cheers for the follow
  16. alien
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    Well it looks like Im in trouble again.

    What I wanna know is, Ive broken not as many rules as some of the mob whom oppose me. I may also get banned despite not breaking as many rules as one poster in particular. If I do get banned, will another poster who constantly hijacks threads to argue with me, will he be banned as well? I feel this person has inflammed the situation.
  18. azzah72
    My Voice still isn't fully restored form last weekend's epic Grand Final!
  19. Generalzod
    Generalzod Dragon Slayer
    Dragon just heard your email read on 2sm awesome
    1. Dragon Slayer
      Dragon Slayer
      Yeah mentioned the ratings and how courageous Jack Bird was in the GF. It's been nice to hear them be so complimentary about the Sharks for a change.
      Oct 4, 2016
    You sir are a deadset Jizz Magician.