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  1. Twizzle
    yeh, you can use gmail now
  2. Incorrect
    Incorrect Twizzle
    Hey Twizzle, when I joined this forum I had to use my work email address as you weren't allowed to use hotmail or gmail addresses. If I am leaving my current place of employment and going to be in limbo before starting elsewhere, amd I able to update my emial address in my profile to a gmail address now??? Appreciate if you could PM me and let me know...

  3. oldmancraigy
    oldmancraigy Maroubra Eel
    I know you're out there
  4. ed-grimley
    ed-grimley ByronTitan
    Don't take things so seriously dude?
  5. Tamworth Dragon
    Tamworth Dragon boardlumps62
    Hi Brian, It's Peter Hons from the MyDragons site. I finally tracked a few of you down at least. In contact with Max and Graeme and just contacting you and Jan. So good to catch up with at least some of you so far. Hope we can find a few more in time.
  6. Tamworth Dragon
    Tamworth Dragon Nanadragon
    Hi Jan, It's Peter Hons from the MyDragons site. Finally tracked a few of us down. In contact with Max and Graeme now. Hoping we can find a few more of in time. So good to find you all.
  7. Maxwell
    Maxwell Tamworth Dragon
    Peter, nanadragon is Jan from the old site, Graeme M is coffs dragon, and Brian Wilson is boardlumps62 .These are the only ones to cross over to the dark side, Jan has spoken with Les but hasn't come aboard yet.But not a lot of activity out of us as yet.. Once again good to hear from you
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  8. Frank Facer
    Frank Facer Ace-STi
    Ace I am interested in what you heard at the novotel or anywhere else for that matter. Do not let others put you off posting things that you know to be true and yes it is true that Dugan is asking for big dollars. I do not think he is worth what he is asking for. Tedesco on the other hand is worth 1 mil plus a season
  9. Deacon
    Deacon Mitch Cole
    So special
  10. AyiosYiorgos
    I made the semi's in 2015
  11. BestHookerRein
    BestHookerRein umina panther
    Umina Pussy Cat
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  12. U.K SHARK
    U.K SHARK Et#1_supporter
    Hi mate,

    I'm staying in Wigan too.

    There's a sharks function that someone organised at a place could the Berkeley in Wigan, 6pm Saturday. Not sure what's happening on game day, but I figure I can find out more Saturday eve.
  13. alien
  14. sportive cupid
    sportive cupid veggiepatch1959
    Hey veggie ...want to talk with you about one of your posts
  15. Frank Facer
    Frank Facer giboz71
    Hi mate, I have been reading posts from this site for a while now. I want to tell you that usually enjoy reading your posts. You look to have a good knowledge and perspective of the game. I have agreed with you on many topics. You are one of my favourite posters on this site.
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    2. giboz71
      Cheers mate. Appreciated . Go the Dragons in 2017!!
      Feb 6, 2017
  16. Everlovin' Antichrist
  17. Willow
    You'll have to re-join with a new email and name.
  18. Tarantosaurus
    I still exist.
  19. BestHookerRein
  20. Scott Brown
    Scott Brown Willow
    Hi, I have just joined today and I was wondering if you could tell me how I change my name on my account. Thanks