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  1. foreverinourshadow
    foreverinourshadow Souths Till I Die
    i just called my mate and he said cody walker signed on with souths for peanuts and was given a chance but now he is asking for telephone numbers FACT!!!!.....Shadow...
  2. Captain Apollo
    Captain Apollo Timmah
  3. Amin Yashed
  4. Amin Yashed
    Amin Yashed coolsteve
    Good eating the deep throat. Highly underrated imo. f**k they stink though, coral trout stink as well but the RTE take the cake
  5. Amin Yashed
    Amin Yashed coolsteve
    Nice pic, you catch anything on that particular day?
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    2. Amin Yashed
      Amin Yashed
      Norfolk Island? Interesting to get snapper & deep throat.
      May 14, 2017
    3. Amin Yashed
      Amin Yashed
      At the same location if it isn't Norfolk I meant.
      May 14, 2017
    4. coolsteve
      double island
      May 14, 2017
  6. Amin Yashed
    1. Miller was a legend
      Miller was a legend
      Heya, so spill it, who are you? Lol
      May 12, 2017
    2. Amin Yashed
      Amin Yashed
      A sharks supporter
      May 12, 2017
  7. Amin Yashed
  8. Amin Yashed
    Amin Yashed OVP
    You're an extreme shit stain of a human.
  9. Kimmy01
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  10. chiefy1
  11. chiefy1
  12. Munted
    Im a munted merkin
  13. Tiger Shark
    Tiger Shark Sharks Growth Team
    If you haven't already I suggest posting this on the Sharks Forever Forum too.
  14. Malabar Eel
    Malabar Eel
    Just finished a nice crap.
  15. God-King Dean
    God-King Dean OzDragon
    Your profile pic makes me giggle every time I see it lol
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  16. Life's Good
    Life's Good
    In the fight
  17. Twizzle
    yeh, you can use gmail now
  18. Incorrect
    Incorrect Twizzle
    Hey Twizzle, when I joined this forum I had to use my work email address as you weren't allowed to use hotmail or gmail addresses. If I am leaving my current place of employment and going to be in limbo before starting elsewhere, amd I able to update my emial address in my profile to a gmail address now??? Appreciate if you could PM me and let me know...

  19. oldmancraigy
    oldmancraigy Maroubra Eel
    I know you're out there
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  20. ed-grimley
    ed-grimley ByronTitan
    Don't take things so seriously dude?