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Azkatro accepts a magic offload from Big Mick and scores the easiest of tries for the Panthers.


Smith shoots down Cowboys
(match report in poetic form)

We set the scene in May '05
Mother's Day to be precise,
Parramatta Stadium is where we are
And the weather looks quite nice.

The competition is the NRL
and the game is rugby league,
The Eels will face the Cowboys
in a clash of high intrigue.

The blue and golds hadn't beaten this side
since June 2003,
Then-halfback Witt's missed conversion kick
was given by the referee.

But now we put the past aside
returning to the present day,
The Cowboys are top of the table
and things should go their way.

A chargedown attempt on the opening set
put the Eels on the back foot,
Carl Webb went wide, drew three and passed
while the Eels' defense went kaput.

It was Matt Sing's fiftieth try for the club
which he debuted for in 2002,
For the Cowboys fans all expecting a win
this start was too good to be true.

The conversion was great from way out wide
and Hannay made it six,
Parra fans wondered what else the Cowboys
had in their bag of tricks.

Soon it was their tricky little halfback
making line breaks here and there,
They missed two more opportunities
but Thurston was everywhere.

Eventually the Eels earned some possession
and kept within a try,
Their coach said they “dodged quite a lot of bullets”
and was probably thinking of the bye.

But as the Cowboys halfback took his shots
the Eels displayed one of their own,
And to quote Ray Warren of yesteryear
... “Blocker, hold the phone!”

Tim Smith returned fire and gunned them down
though he didn't shoot from the hip,
It was a deadly boot (minus spurs of course)
And suddenly it was eighteen-six.

The first was a piece of backwards magic
which is uncommon in the game,
A kick which suits the young bloke's home state
Banana is its name.

Try two came largely from a piece of luck
the bounce of the kick was sly,
And it was fellow Maroon aspirant Luke O'Dwyer
diving over for the second try.

The third try came from a chip to the side of the post
a forward reaped the reward,
Fuifui managed to get his hand to the ball
and his first ever try was scored.

Parramatta put another on the board
shortly before half time,
Luke Burt found space outside Matt Sing
and the Eels were looking sublime.

Parramatta has yearned for a halfback
Which they found in 2001,
But with most of his days behind him
JT was almost done.

Young Smith might have finally filled the gap left
when Sterlo decided to jet,
Even though he'd blown this game wide apart
he wasn't finished yet.

The Eels were in again just moments after the break
with Dean Widders in out wide,
With the lead quickly blowing out to twenty-two
Parra's faithful bristled with pride.

Faiumu got a second for the visitors
with a dummy near the line,
It got the Cowboys within three tries
but in the end the home side was fine.

They put on four more to appease the crowd
for whom a half century was desired,
The Cowboys missed nearly that many tackles
so some defensive work will be required.

Tim Smith was deservedly man of the match
for assisting in five of the tries,
And it's practically a four point victory for the Eels
as they enjoy the first of two byes.

The Cowboys though have plenty to do
as they prepare to defend their keep
The Broncos are invading in round number ten
a home win will not come cheap.

Despite the Eels' win the betting market holds firm
Cowboys at seven bucks and still look inspiring,
Though the Eels stay up on an inflated fifteen
they look great when their halfback is firing.

If he stays good and fit with his kicking boots on
then the Eels are a mighty good show,
And if the Cowboys lose their run at home this weekend
Parra joins them on twelve points you know.

A betting chap ought to keep that in mind
while they're still priced at fifteen,
For a team that can score fifty against the Cowboys in '05
is as dangerous as any side has been.

Eels 50 (
Widders 2, McKinnon 2, Morris, O'Dwyer, Moimoi, Burt, B. Smith tries; Burt 7/9 goals) beat Cowboys 12 (Sing, Faiumu tries; Hannay 2/2 goals)
Paul Simpkins


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