Blade Runner 2049

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    There's a bit of hope internationally. It's doing alright in the UK and it hasn't been released a few countries where it could potentially do good numbers.

    I kind of expected it, the first one was a huge flop and only got a following later. I expect this one at the very least will have a decent cult following.

    I hope it can get a respectable number, studios will take less risks like this if it ends up a complete flop.
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    Saw it yesterday and still digesting it, it’s a hard movie to rate right away.

    As mentioned, visually amazing, great score, captures all the spirit of the original albeit it feels slightly less bleak somehow and I personally don’t think that’s a great thing given that’s what draws me to the original. Third act felt like a mild let down but at the same time this isn’t that type of “epic big reveal” movie.

    I like that it takes its time, and doesn’t deliver cheap cop out answers like say the SW prequels. In fact it probably raises more questions, and I really hope there’s additional subtle clues in repeat viewings, like Prisoners and unlike say Inception, which only opens more and more worms.

    Gosling is in “Drive” mode, which suits this, and Ford once again brings his A game. Leto was brilliant I thought, made you instantly uncomfortable with his dark coldness without relying on OTT theatrics.

    I’m a sucker for real sci fi cinema, 8/10 at least
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    I've seen the original twice (not sure which cut/s) and never really enjoyed it, but this is fantastic! Such a great movie that drags you into the world as the mystery and never let's go. 8.5/10.
    Makes me want to go back and try the original again.
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    Ended up seeing it over the weekend. Super happy and impressed with how it turned out but it's definitely not for everyone, like the original. Basically if you like hard sci-fi (like the original blade runner, 2001) or you enjoy movies as an artistic medium you'd enjoy this.

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