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    I thought the tribute for Chang was appalling. My son and I were in the stand and couldn’t hear a thing. Most people around me looked totally disinterested in the whole thing. The small screen didn’t help either.
    For someone who was such a hero to so many, a club captain, coach, immortal, captain of his country, in fact, the last to ever captain coach his country, the response was very underwhelming to say the least.
    Does this say something of what the club really thought of him?
    I was a bit embarrassed for his family and also Doust and co, the board let them down.
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    I was sitting behind the goal posts at the English street end of the ground.

    PA system was clear as a bell.

    Yes small screen and many fans at ground have never seen Changa play.

    Hence the disconnect and lack of silence at key moments.

    Good to see the Gasnier and Raper family were given roles in the tribute, and Billy Smith was part of the official party.

    Johnny Riley spoke well.

    Tribute lasted for 40 minutes, hence reason it wasn’t held at half time.

    Film used didn’t do Changa justice.

    He was a giant of the game.
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    Sould have been done at half time of the nrl.
    At least everyone would have been there
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