French Super League?

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    Forgive me if I am off point here, am relying largely on Google translate. But it seems to me they are plans being put in place by the FFRXIII to turn pro over the next few years and are looking to target some of the major soccer and RU clubs and entice them into starting also a league team.

    Google translate:
    Super, the XIII, said Luc Dayan, already twenty years ago. When he, alongside Charles Biétry, gravitated in the spheres of Paris Saint-Germain Omnisport. The Rugby League of the Ile-de-France club inundated its races, its passes, its shocks, the lawn of the Charléty stadium, in the capital. The adventure ended after two years, but since then, the sports marketing specialist has always retained a strong affection for a discipline that he then discovered, through his clothes of chairman RC Lens, to the public of the Bollaert stadium, in 2012 during a memorable France - Wales.

    A popular success which showed that the XIII had its place outside its traditional geographical bases, to the point of imagining, with the president of the FFR XIII of the time, Nicolas Larrat, the creation of a competition extended to all the hexagonal territory.


    An idea abandoned by the successor of the lawyer of Toulouse, and then taken over last winter by Marc Palanques. Luc Dayan was entrusted with the task of devising an innovative format that would convince the indispensable investors, and immediately receiving the approval of Robins Tchale-Watchou, the former Rugby Union Stadium, Perpignan and Montpellier, today president of PROVALE, a syndicate of players already open to treizists.

    And if the Super XIII company comes to an end, we will find among the participants both players from our French Elite championship (December to June), as well as others from the XV, including unemployed and those lacking (VII) and foreigners attracted by the proposed conditions (fixed-term contracts of four to six months, introduction of a salary cap, gross monthly salaries ranging between 3000 and 5000 euros, depending on the revenues ).

    "I will meet Philippe Richert, the President of the Association of the Thirteen Regions of France, and submit to him this project which has already attracted the attention of presidents of professional football and rugby clubs," says Luc Dayan, the FFR XIII to convince major companies to participate in a budget that would range between 10 and 15 million euros.


    Thirteen regions, each of which will be invited to find a nickname for the selection that will take place on its lands, from mid-June to mid-September, the first four in the semifinals, better ranked.

    This revolutionary concept, "A color, a nickname, a team", is intended to promote "an untapped sport", according to Luc Dayan's own term, and thus to overturn an order for too long established, Rugby XIII having everything if it really intends to influence the television companies that the project promoter will try to convince, in the same way as an equipment manufacturer common to all the teams, and the Regional Councils that can grant grants.

    A vast but exhilarating project involving all the skills, such as that of the Vinci group, favorable to the use by the Super XIII of the football stadiums that it manages. "The first returns are positive," says Luc Dayan, the spirit entirely directed towards this summer 2019 that all treizists worthy of the name call for their vows.
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    Please let it get off the ground :thumbsup:
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    Heard it all before. Will believe it when I see it. I know that's a fairly pessimistic stance but we've heard too many times about potential pro comps in France, USA and elsewhere for me to believe it until it happens.
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    Much better off just getting more teams in the English Super League in the short term; that would give these teams genuine legitimacy as pro teams.

    Once they establish their brands, then they could break off into their own domestic comp or even have the ESL expand to a Europeans Super League with several national conferences.

    But, as long as this comp is only french teams playing french teams, they will lack profile or legitimacy that comes from an established competition....
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    How do you know that English Super League wants more French teams... from what I've read the Super league clubs are every bit as self serving as NRL clubs and not that interested in outsiders coming in with out anything concrete to offer to their coffers.
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    All they need is a 8/9team comp. Play 14 or 16 rounds, half way point have a state of origin west v east france best of 3... then have 2 test matches between England one played on Bastille Day... the clubs also can qualify for the challenge cup and they also play in their own Lord Derby Cup.... finally have a grand final each year at a different stadium (like the super bowl) Problem solved
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