Gold Coast Bears/Nth Sydney/Gosford

Discussion in 'NRL Expansion' started by coolumsharkie, Mar 13, 2017.

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    May 14, 2013
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    I hope you do get a local owner, but f*ck i hope the first thing they do is fix up your branding...

    The logo/jumper looks like a bad mix of Parramatta, NSW Blues and a failed NFL team.
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    What are the Titans really worth? They are a business with no real assets and running at around a $2million loss a year.

    I know the nrl want to recoup there bail out money and whilst an nrl license may be valuable if you can do what you like with it, are the Titans really that good an investment if you have to put in $10mill plus for a. Shines running a a big loss?
    It's hard to see how any investor would make anything from the investment.
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    There's no point of the Bears taking over the Gold Coast Titans if they will still be called Gold Coast Titans. The Central Coast Bears in the NRL would be pretty strong. The population of the Central Coast is around 350,000, but they should also keep their North Sydney junior district, and they would get good sponsorship money from businesses in the North Sydney area. All home games would be played at Central Coast Stadium, except for maybe 1 home game at North Sydney Oval in Heritage Round.

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