Millward Recruitment and Retention Update

Discussion in 'St George Illawarra Dragons' started by TomRedVRiver, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Exactly. He can pass but his strength is his running game. He backs himself to break the line.
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    Tell Mary
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    Millward is handling it well as he has the prioriy signings in order. Millward did offer the 2 guys deals in November but obviously they wanted more. Millward don't forget had more than those 2 to worry about so gave them offers in order to fit as many of the big players as her can to keep. The 2 (Packer and Dugan) wanted to test the market. Dugan got no bites apart from Rugby until the season kicked off. Remember Saints offered him 2 mil for 3 years to 0.00 dollars and he said no. Millwards fault? Your kidding. Dugan had to go into the season and have a cracker before anyone even made an offer. He took a punt and it paid off. I don't get why Millward is the bad one. Millward had enough faith to offer him 2 mil whilst the others didn't until last month or so.

    From November to now, of the key signings (Widdop, Packer and Dugan) Millward went back to Widdop first. (Now at the start of the season I would have had him last in the order of the 3 but he really has been that good and put himself top of the list which I agree with. I honestly believed Marshall was not the issue but he clearly was in terms of Widdop's performance). Of the 3 positions the 5/8 is a crucial role and with Hunt it makes the halves one of the best in the comp. Millward manages to sign Be Bellin who has also been sensational and got Vaughny During that time and extended him recently as well. Vaughn signed Oct 2016 so did Millward do some forward planning in case Packer pi$$es off? Uh, shit yeah. He was that confident in Vaughn that he offered him 1.75mil. Highest paid prop. More than Packer. Is that a bad deal? No way. Storm have 1 expensive prop don't forget not 2 mil and same with the other good sides.

    Millward is in a position where no matter what he does fans will be pi$$ed off and he has taken a hug punt. But his rational is why throw all your eggs in 1 basket in Dugan when you have 2 guns (Field/Dufty) waiting to get a crack.

    Dugan at Fields/Dufty's age was probably spoken about just as highly. These 2 are the real deal and the future. 1 Will replace Nighty and the other Dugan in the future.
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