Minister Mitch Fifield lodges sixth complaint about the ABC in five months

Discussion in 'Four Corners' started by Tenacious Titans, Jun 2, 2018.

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    Tell Santa I said hi next time you talk to him.
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    This new alt of a 4C regular is a very average troll.
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    I have pretty good reason to loathe Miranda Devine but some thoughts on each video PJ has posted...

    I personally believe that some people should not be cops. Period.

    Having said that, I don't envy the job of police in America. Sometimes, it seems like they are on a bit of a hiding to nothing. I'd probably be a bit ancy and feel a bit unsafe as well when you have things like the Dallas sniper incident or the Ramos/Liu murders in NYC.

    Again, some cops are assholes but I wouldn't want to be wholesale indicted for the actions of those assholes. I don't envy them for the job they signed up to do.

    Black people more likely to be shot dead by cops than white people? I wonder how Paul Barry would explain this then?

    Source is the Washington Post (a publication that endorsed Obama- twice- and H. Clinton for the presidency so I'd say pretty left-leaning) in case folks were wondering (saves you having to sign up to the site).

    So yeah, Miranda Devine shouldn't be seizing on tragedies to push her agenda but Paul Barry might want to get his facts right before he pushes his. Granted, I'm sure this episode of Media Watch went to air before these findings saw the light of day but those stats directly refute his claims.

    I am all for victims of sexual assault and violence getting justice. Let me just make that much clear.

    Suggesting that Weinstein is everything wrong with the Left (as Devine has done) is taking things to their extremities in my book but how he managed to get away with what he did up until last year after how long a career in Hollywood? Hell, you even had Meryl Streep once referring to him as "God" but this is the same woman who went in to bat for Roman Polanski once upon a time as well.

    Something rotten in the state of Denmark, for sure.

    The worst thing is that Weinstein has only been committed to stand trial for how many counts? Isn't it only two or something like that? So he's not being called in to account for everything he is accused of. Not sure how that makes his other alleged victims feel.

    I like to invoke the spirit and the words of one of my heroes when it comes to this:


    This is why the whole Australia Day/Change the Date debate is just ridiculous to me and why the constant fear mongering drummed up by Uncle Rupert to pander to dumb asses is even more ridiculous (doesn't matter how often they get called on the carpet by the Press Council. Rupes will just pay the fine or whatever and on and on it goes. Gotta sell papers, right?).

    I also think this tweet is pertinent to both sides of the debate even though it is obviously aimed at people on the right/conservative side of the debate that was going on around the time I was in America last year.

    So if you're a right-wing nut job worried that a date change will somehow erode our national identity you can still read about our history and take some sort of solace in that. If you're a bleeding heart, guilt-ridden lefty and by some miracle the date gets changed then you get the result you wanted but you can't change the past.

    History is an ugly, complicated business. No amount of News Ltd propghanda would ever sway my decision to vote against a date change if it was put to a referendum tomorrow in the same way that "cultural insensitivity" would not be the explicit reason I would vote in favour of a date change.

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