The ultimate QLD Origin Dream team - one big problem

Discussion in 'State of Origin and other State Leagues' started by Michael W, Feb 22, 2017.


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    michael you have to select sam thaiday in the side. the butthurt will be epic. remember the incredible levels of humiliation heaped upon our southern neighbours of recent decades. this is why such threads get the above reactions. anyway go the mighty maroons.
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    I'm not sure its that big of a deal leaving Allan Langer out. Allan wasn't included in the Australian all century team, the position of half-back was taken by Andrew Johns and no body made a murmur. I would leave Langer out and have my starting halves of Jonathan Thurston and Wally Lewis.

    I also doubt Langer will become an immortal, unlike Lewis who was made one and Thurston who will make it.

    If you select Lockyer at fullback then your raining on the parade of Billy Slater and Greg Inglis. Inglis could be slotted into the Centres even though its not his best position. Slater would have to be left out of the team altogether if Lockyer plays at fullback which would make some people shake their head in disbelief. But Slater was never very good at defending on the wing, his decision making was questionable so I would probably leave him out.

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