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  1. GongPanther
    GongPanther Different kind of Rabbit

    Do you have a transcript of what I said last night to receive a warning?

    1. Different kind of Rabbit
      Different kind of Rabbit
      No idea what you’re talking about. Wasn’t me that gave you the warning.
      Sep 23, 2018 at 11:03 PM
  2. ANTiLAG
    ANTiLAG mozza91
    Judging by the length of your posts you must be working like slave.
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  3. Tiger Woody
    Tiger Woody
    John "snoozer Elford" planting Dennis Fitzgerald into the Lidcombe turf.
  4. debeee
    Shark Lifer
  5. Sonic Star
    Sonic Star southsport
    How many weeks ban did mags get this time
  6. Gareth67
    Gareth67 Old Kogarah Boy 1
    OKB1 so glad to get hold of you . Pardon me for asking what may seem to be a odd question, however on the forum directly above the - Post Reply box do you also have 6 small rectangles called - Sponsored Listings ? Would you please reply to message inbox mate .
  7. Gareth67
    Gareth67 muzby
    oops a mistake .
  8. chiefy1
    ☆Parramarra Rams☆
  9. gustarny
    gustarny emjaycee
    Hi Mate this Adam Garvey where is he currently playing.
  10. Russell Coight
    Russell Coight southsport
    f**king twig merkin
  11. West coast dragon
    West coast dragon Old Timer
    Me on the chopping block lol
  12. Avenger
    Back with a Vengeance
  13. Avenger
    Back with a vengeance.
  14. Kray-Z
    Kray-Z Surely
    Whay u Chang thred title,
    I thout we were fwens..?
    1. Surely
      I no change
      Aug 23, 2018
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  15. Kray-Z
    Kray-Z Mong
    Dear Mr Mong, plz notfeelleff out, we know u ar desperate for c**k, and wil invite you and your wholefamily to next anal bleach party in Darlinghurst during September.
  16. Dbett23
    Dbett23 LeagueUnlimited News
    Hey mate, I work at a pub in Richmond, Melbourne.

    We are looking to do a solid event for grand final this year and possibly ant finals that are at AAMI.

    I'm trying to reach out to the storm fans to get a decent following behind it, would be happy to compensate with exclusive deals
  17. Kray-Z
  18. getsmarty
    getsmarty jeffdragon
    Hey Jeff...can you please change the title to your "dogs game" thread to Round 24 vs Bulldogs...then the mods can merge our threads...

    P.S Its also easier to go back and find games when they are titled in this manner...hope that's ok...have a great day mate and enjoy our win...
  19. Dragonheads
    The only dim light to come out of that debacle is losing Widdop means that Hunt now needs to step up and lead “HIS” side One leader!!
  20. Jimmy Clark
    Jimmy Clark _Johnsy
    Did Andrew Johns bang your mum?
    1. _Johnsy
      How original, are you capable of a independent thought?
      Aug 3, 2018