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  1. The Brain Stormer
    The Brain Stormer Stephen 'Stevo' Stevenson
    Hey Alby, hows things? Adam doing well I trust?
  2. The Brain Stormer
  3. The Brain Stormer
    The Brain Stormer AlwaysGreen
    You’re a heartless disgrace of a human. I hope you sir do rot with a brain tumour. You f**king deserve it.
  4. handyman2190
    handyman2190 Different kind of Rabbit
    I write to you in the hope you will help us on the rabbitohs rumours and signing forum,we have lost many members who use to contribute to this forum rabbittoad and in the last week or so certitude have alienated and destroyed this forum with their accusations bickering and rudness pls barr them so we can get back to normal otherwise they will have succeeded in sabotaging this great site
  5. ashton
    ashton Panther_Daz
    Hey Daz can you clean up pages of rubbish in the rumours and confirmed thread?
  6. The Brain Stormer
    The Brain Stormer hineyrulz
    Hey bud, I’d like to apologise for making you have an epic meltdown. Sorry.
    Are you ok?
  7. chiefy1
    chiefy1 Stagger eel
    Mick Potter.
  8. AJB1102
    AJB1102 The Brain Stormer
    Why do you want a comment on your page, merkin?
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    2. The Brain Stormer
      The Brain Stormer
      Because I love you
      Oct 19, 2018 at 9:37 PM
  9. The Brain Stormer
    The Brain Stormer AJB1102
    You’re a lippy little merkin aren’t you?
    1. AJB1102
      It would appear so. In your opinion at least.
      Oct 4, 2018
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    2. The Brain Stormer
      The Brain Stormer
      No worries, can you leave a comment on my page please now. Thanks in advance merkin
      Oct 4, 2018
  10. The Brain Stormer
    The Brain Stormer Valheru
    You owe a beer as well mate? When are you dropping the carton off to my place?
  11. Frank Facer
    Frank Facer Old Kogarah Boy 1
    Hi OKB. I have dreams on one day having a pizza franchise. You sound like you know your pizzas better than anyone I know. Maybe we should meet up one day. We could even go into business?
  12. ___
    ___ Nicky.
    I appreciate this, and I am returning the following favor to you too :)
  13. Nicky.
    Nicky. ___
    I'm your newest follower!
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  14. GongPanther
    GongPanther Different kind of Rabbit

    Do you have a transcript of what I said last night to receive a warning?

    1. Different kind of Rabbit
      Different kind of Rabbit
      No idea what you’re talking about. Wasn’t me that gave you the warning.
      Sep 23, 2018
    2. GongPanther
      OK thanks...I'll just heed the warning.
      Sep 24, 2018
  15. ANTiLAG
    ANTiLAG mozza91
    Judging by the length of your posts you must be working like slave.
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  16. debeee
    Shark Lifer
  17. Sonic Star
    Sonic Star southsport
    How many weeks ban did mags get this time
  18. Gareth67
    Gareth67 Old Kogarah Boy 1
    OKB1 so glad to get hold of you . Pardon me for asking what may seem to be a odd question, however on the forum directly above the - Post Reply box do you also have 6 small rectangles called - Sponsored Listings ? Would you please reply to message inbox mate .
  19. Gareth67
    Gareth67 muzby
    oops a mistake .
  20. chiefy1
    ☆Parramarra Rams☆
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