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  1. leaguelegend21
  2. kdalymc
    kdalymc gzerounian
    possible to get a quick 3d render done up mate?
  3. kdalymc
    kdalymc chiefy1
    hey man can you do up a jersey for me real quick?
  4. Parra_Eel
    To be a true eel #1 sit back & dont relax #2 keep your local nut house number nearby for those away games. #3 always expect the unknown
  5. Belmore Dude
  6. Snoochies
    Snoochies Cloeel
    Hey mate, any chance you could let us know the Timmy rumour. Cheers
  7. chiefy1
    chiefy1 jeffdragon
    You coming with me n Phillip to the Broncos Parramatta match
  8. chiefy1
    chiefy1 jeffdragon
    Go Parramatta Eels
  9. chiefy1
    chiefy1 jeffdragon
    Hi Jeffrey
  10. Timbo
    Timbo some11
    Thanks for the backup on those posts - good to know someone else is on board.
  11. Tim Spary
    Tim Spary
    Corey Waddell faces three-match ban for striking
  12. Tim Spary
    Tim Spary
  13. Frank Facer
    Frank Facer Dragons-4Life
    Hi mate. I enjoy reading your comments. You have a good perspective of the game and can identify talent or non talent.
    1. Dragons-4Life
      Thx buddy... as do you.. hard to separate my emotion and try give a balanced opinion most of the time.. haha but appreciate your comments
      May 26, 2019
  14. BatteredFlake
    Picking up nuts as they drop
  15. tumblingdice
    tumblingdice madunit
    Hi madunit. I recall you are from Melbourne, and pretty much over all things RL. I'll be heading down to the game in Melbourne V Storm this Thursday. Just wondering if you knew of any gathering places Tigers fans may gather at pre-game, on the off chance it may exist
    Appreciate any help.
  16. Willow
    It's a polite way of saying you're carrying on like a dick. Good luck.
  17. Glenn012
    Glenn012 Willow
    I got a alert saying "Message Deleted Content Breach Final warning" WTF was the warning for and what was the content breach? For agreeing certain posts are better off kept in certain threads????
  18. spiro
    spiro XXXX Cap
    hey xxxx cap would you have the dolphins club song by any chance. ta
  19. Wild Wilbur
    Wild Wilbur Smack
    I like you. You seem to have a lot of common sense.
  20. Wild Wilbur
    Wild Wilbur Albert Rosenfeld
    About time one of your shit troll threads got locked. You’re the true definition of a troll with nothing better to do in life