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  1. Tiger5150
    Tiger5150 Willow
    Mate is there a facility here to direct message? I'd like to discuss moderation with you
  2. Philip Rhoades
    Philip Rhoades
    Played in Balmain Juniors but went to Macquarie Boys' High School in Parramatta playing League and Union.
  3. Frank Facer
    Frank Facer YoHadrian
    Mate in regards to your avatar picture. I am on a horse racing forum and my username is The Oracle. I was going to use your exact same avatar on my racing site, but found something else.
    1. YoHadrian
      It isn't copyright or anything. Go nuts. But if your racing site becomes famous I'm keeping my avatar. :P
      Feb 24, 2020 at 7:57 PM
  4. Stinky
    Stinky muzby
    Do you take it up the bum from Twizzle Stick as well?
  5. Stinky
    Stinky Twizzle
    Hey dicklicker,

    Suck my nutsack
  6. Stinky
    Stinky BradParkerTheGoat
    I love you Bradley
  7. Frank Facer
    Frank Facer Dragonslayer
    I just thought I would let you know that I enjoy reading your posts. I like your perspective on the game and players. You would be one of the best posters on this site.
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    2. Dragonslayer
      Cheers Frank. I try to be neutral and look at facts. Doesnt always work though, lol. Tbh i also enjoy reading yours.
      Staying out of controversy is the key.
      Feb 19, 2020
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  8. Dragonsamy
    Dragonsamy muzby
  9. MugaB
    MugaB carcharias
    Hey any chance you could post me your profile .gif
    Of the ennis viking clap,
    That always makes me laugh
  10. Frank Facer
    Frank Facer Drew-Sta
    LINESPEED Dennis Papaioannou
    Thanks DP
    We’re long suffering fans doing the hard yards with this imbecile.
    We loved our visit to Athens a few years ago!
  12. Gareth67
    Gareth67 Old Kogarah Boy 1
    John I hope that good fortune may shine upon you and your wife and that both of you may have a lovely Christmas with the family . I don’t know why your missus is in a wheelchair but hopefully it shall only be for a short duration until she is back to full health . - Best wishes Garry
  13. LeagueXIII
    LeagueXIII astreizix
    How can I get a copy of that book?
  14. Frank Facer
    Frank Facer Willow
    I would also like to share this video with you and everyone else in regards to your question about the New World Order. Am I allowed to post the link to it on the thread where you asked me the New World Order question.
  15. Frank Facer
    Frank Facer Willow
    Or if I am not allowed to provide the link, am I allowed to mention Michael Swift's Homosexual Manifesto that was printed in a homosexual magazine in 1987 and I allowed to mention the 2 gay rights platforms from 1972 and 1993 respectively?
  16. Frank Facer
    Frank Facer Willow
  17. Frank Facer
    Frank Facer Splinters
    I posted a recommendation that I have already recommended to you. So I deleted my message.
  18. Dragonsamy
    Dragonsamy muzby
    Is this direct enough f*** off
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  19. VictoryFC
    VictoryFC Twizzle
    Hey Twizzle, could you help me in closing down my account? Can't find a way to do so in the settings. Appreciate the help, thanks.
    1. Twizzle
      Not sure what you want. We dont delete accounts.
      Dec 3, 2019
    2. VictoryFC
      Dec 3, 2019
  20. Gareth67
    Gareth67 Old Kogarah Boy 1
    For pity sake man - that was over a year ago ! ☺️
    But thanks for your reply OKB1 .