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  1. theacademic
    theacademic Bandwagon
    Dear Bandwagon,
    I'm an academic at the University of South Australia and I'm reaching out to you to ask for permission to conduct research on fans’ view of racism in the NRL. A link to the survey is here:
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
  2. Casduct12
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  3. The_Frog
  4. The Fanatical Rooster
  5. The Fanatical Rooster
  6. The Fanatical Rooster
    The Fanatical Rooster marshall stalin
    nospam29. Feel free to check it out. Let me know what you think. I am on here too obviously, but I find WLF to be a smaller and better community of like minded RL fans. The only thing is there are too many Rabble fans on there! Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. The Fanatical Rooster
    The Fanatical Rooster marshall stalin
    Letting you know that, if you are a Roosters fan, then you might also be interested in another forum called "nospam29". It is a RL forum, like LU. I am on there too, as TFR, and are looking for more Roosters supporters to join in.
  8. Maxxn99
    Missed it by ✌️much
  9. Gareth67
    Gareth67 possm
    Possum - good day ! For a signature , simply press your avatar at the top of the page and the settings will appear . 2 down ( in the left hand column ) you will see - Signature - from there you will be able to add one that you would like . Best of luck .
  10. possm
    possm Gareth67
    Hi Gareth 67, Can you tell me how to put a signature comment on my profile. Just can't find how to do it.
  11. nancybrutt1
  12. bluefox68
    bluefox68 Sharkorff
    Are you CARCHARIAS???

    1. Sharkorff
      Nah, bluey. I’m sure he lurks if he isn’t re-invented.
      Mar 22, 2021
  13. Rhyno
    Rhyno Panther2021
    Back already catweasel
  14. bearshark
    Born and bred in St George area, always loved the Bears, moved to the Shire, then to the Gold Coast - and now been here for 20 years.
  15. Rhyno
    Rhyno CozDragon
    Welcome bro
  16. Old tiger 79
    Old tiger 79 hineyrulz
    Tongue my gooch brah
  17. Old tiger 79
    Old tiger 79 AlwaysGreen
    It’s a wonder you have a nose brah. Cos I would’ve bitten the merkin off if I had the chance
  18. Old tiger 79
    Old tiger 79 AlwaysGreen
    Band on the run
    Band on the run
    The trailer man said to sailor man,
    Search forever more
    For that band on the run
  19. Old tiger 79
    Old tiger 79 AlwaysGreen
    You bottom feeding stingray headed looking mother f**ker
  20. Old tiger 79
    Old tiger 79 hineyrulz
    You bottom feeding manta ray looking stingray motherf**ker!

    Get the dog!!

    You’re not a man until you’ve had a man either bruss