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    Cameron McInnes

    This is the typical response from a limited player who has been challenged by a new coach. Sad. I thought he was bigger than that. You walk away from the Dragons captaincy to join the scum, you make a list you don't want to be on.
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    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    I live in hope of a 76 to 77 turnaround. What was added to the squad? Graham Quinn, a rookie Craig Young, a rookie Rod McGregor, &&& a new coaching philosophy.
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    Round 19 vs Newcastle

    I wonder if the NRL could charge the board with bringing the game into disrepute? Might be the only way to get rid of them.
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    Round 19 vs Newcastle

    At this point I'd vote for a de-merger and a Canterbury cup only St George side next year. Let the gong sort out this mess.
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    What Position Did You Play?

    Wing,then 2nd row in League to Lock then Prop in Rugby as the alcohol took effect . Happy days.
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    I apologised to my son today. He is a Saints supporter because of me. He was a fine young footballer himself and an enthusiastic rugby league supporter. I told him today he should probably support the Cowboys now. It's too late for me, but he deserves to get some enjoyment from the game in the...
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    Duffy Options...

    Slater would look like a numpty behind this mob. I think it's way beyond individual ability. They don't want to play for this clown and it shows.
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    Tyrell Signs

    I don' t have a dog in the shorts fight but...
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    NRL announces rule changes

    I'm sick of watching teams get marched from end to end based on the refs opinion of ruck speed at a particular moment. Re-starting the count for ruck infringments should be penalty enough without a free walk to the opposite end. Game is fast enough.
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    Issac Luke confirms Dragons move

    And another roadblock in our pathways is installed. Way to go @#!*.
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    Round 18 vs Panthers

    When they first published the draw, this bushy had this game, in my missus hometown, pencilled in for a trip to the big smoke. Called it off when I saw this side had no intention of being competitive. Next year maybe.
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    Round 10 vs Knights...

    What would Bellamy say? He'd call the player group out and make it clear they could be replaced. This muppet will blame the shape of the ball or the plane ride.
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    3 straight losses no changes.

    The club has the stench of steelers mediocrity entrenched at all levels now. There is little hope that this will change. 12th place on table will always be considered a good result with the current mob. So sad.
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    Cameron Smith - 10 in the Bin

    Highlight of 2018. Will be tough to top.
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    Cameron Smith - 10 in the Bin

    Highlight of 2018 for me so far.

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