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  1. abpanther

    2021 High Rollers Fantasy League

    My team is stinking it up, my WRs just aren't cutting it
  2. abpanther

    Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury

    Yeah I thought it was one of the best fights I've seen in a long time. Agree that Fury is fantastic but man Wilder showed some heart and when he knocked him down the second time I thought here we go!
  3. abpanther

    2021 High Rollers Fantasy League

    And then I went and took Cooper ahead of Kupp FFS
  4. abpanther

    Favourite Sports documentaries

    Watched the Schumacher one on Netflix the other day, was pretty good. I was big into F1 in the 90s and he was the best but also the big villain and I think some of his moves are still questionable to this day. Sad watching it now given where he's at
  5. abpanther

    2021 High Rollers Fantasy League

    I was so confident that I was gonna win and then Jamaal Williams shat the bed!
  6. abpanther

    2021 NFL Week 2

    Some great games today including the prime time game. Still think Lamar gets exposed in the playoffs when he has to make plays throwing it but he sure is fun to watch!
  7. abpanther

    2021 LU Dynasty League

    What a shitshow to start the season
  8. abpanther

    Mangina Bowl VI Discussion

    Yeah I think your team will be fine mate, second highest score for me this week and losing!
  9. abpanther

    2021 LU Dynasty League

    Thank god for the return of ADud, my team is a dumpster fire this week but still in it with a small chance!
  10. abpanther

    2021 NFL Week 1

    I reckon 49ers finish last in the division, wasn't impressed at all with the win today and looks like Verrett already gone for the season
  11. abpanther

    Panthers v Parra

    Hopefully we can bounce back. While Edwards isn't perfect one thing that's underrated about his game is his support play, I'm sure he would've been there when Yeo made that break. Also having him back means Staines is out of the team so it's addition by subtraction!!
  12. abpanther

    Penrith v Souths semi final

    If Ivan picks Staines next week he's f**ken lost the plot
  13. abpanther

    Penrith v Souths semi final

    Edwards out, surprised Staines is coming onto the wing instead of Naden
  14. abpanther

    2021 NFL Week 1

    Every time I saw him on hard knocks he was eating!
  15. abpanther

    2021 NFL Week 1

    Man Zeke looks past it

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