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Recent content by barry

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    Round 25 vs Bunnies (Goodbye Corey)

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    We Are The St George Boys - audio

    Why don’t the club use this song ?
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    Jason Saab

    Would love to share the same topic re Reece Robson This forum is still far from getting over Robson who has had ample opportunity to live up to the hype
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    Dragons re-sign Mikaele Ravalawa

    Good signing, plenty of raw talent there. Still only 22! Saab needs to fill that other wing position
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    One to watch: Jason Saab

    Any chance we can develop him into a fullback? We desperately need a fullback for 2020
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    Jacob Host

    Built like tarzan, plays like Jane. Never rated him, dont think i ever will. Dont know how this guy still plays grade