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    Round 6 vs Warriors

    Dragons of old. No line speed. Norman just not reading the play in attack. Can't read numbers. No game vision.
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    Hook's Heroes

    Looks like our invitation to Fitzgibbon to apply to be our coach was definitely a thanks but no thanks situation. At the time it was reported that he was being groomed to take over at the Roosters. Hasn't stopped him going with the gummies. What a reality check for us fans. More likely he didnt...
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    One Team I Want To Smash....

    Dont understand your hate of the Panthers. Aren't they the team that we are trying to emmulate? They have the blueprint for the modern game, and their results testify to that. I dont mind arrogance and swagger in a person or team. As long as they can walk the walk to back their talk. All part...
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    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    It came to nought because of the mindless, boring football we had a tradition of playing. That has quickly changed to being a team that that good players want to play with. As Hook predicted, might I add.
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    100% Official Griffin for the next 2 years

    Gees you must be feeling like a complete idiot. Feel for you, mate.
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    He's probably clinging onto the hope that he still put on the best barbies for the boys. And that's something he hopes can never be taken away from him. ....... if only provided a bit more sauce....... or really cut the mustard.
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    R5 eels

    I think he's being inspired by Rav. His defensive hits against the Eels are as good as any I've seen from a centre in recent times. Gentle is doing a great job with our edges.
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    R5 eels

    Liked the fact that Hook said from day one that we had the roster to be a good footy team, and that this would NOT be a re-building year.
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    R5 eels

    Must say that our draw could hardly have been better for us. Since the Sharks game, the bar has been set incrementally higher each week from the lowest of levels. Could have been so much harder on all levels if we had met teams like Panthers, Storm, Roosters and Souths in these early rounds...
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    R5 eels

    We need a new name. How about the SGI Undertakers. We dont just tackle players ..... WE BURY THEM!!!
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    Billy Burns

    They can all go back to sleep now ...
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    Dragons revival

    Great post, posm!! Always hungry for behind the scenes insights.
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    Billy Burns

    The addition of Burns allows Hook to put Kerr back into the props rotation if needed. I think Hook is playing the long game. In the business world it's called 'risk management'. Something Mary had no clue about. Always believed that Webby & Hook combination is the best think to happen at the...

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