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Recent content by Benek

  1. Benek

    Sky sport now

    Does anyone in NZ know why Sky Sport Now isn’t showing any of the finals games highlights or replays? It appears to be watch live or nothing, which isn’t usual.
  2. Benek

    NRL Finals 2022

    Ref going a bit overboard I think. Not every penalty has to be a sin bin.
  3. Benek

    NRL Finals 2022

    Insane game right now.
  4. Benek

    NRL Finals 2022

    Storm gone! Well done Raiders.
  5. Benek

    NRL Finals 2022

    Holy shit
  6. Benek

    NRL Finals 2022

    Great roller coaster game
  7. Benek

    Vs Titans Rd25

    The defense in that final 10 mins was so embarrassing. A slow motion train wreck we all saw coming. They deserved the loss after managing to blow a 14 point lead to a team like the Titans. We lead the league in missed tackles right? It showed tonight. Back to basics on tackling technique next year.
  8. Benek

    Vs Cowboys rd 23 2022

    Are there any NZ Herald Premium subscribers who could share the text of this?
  9. Benek

    Team v Panthers

    Apparently, we have enough people out with injury or illness that the lack of changes to the team is less about Stacey not backing up his words and more about finding enough healthy bodies to make up a team. Fair enough, but it feels silly to see so few changes after an admission that half the...
  10. Benek

    All-time low. Club dead soon.

    I’ll take AFB and his checkered past right now. He’s the only good prop we’ve got and we’re even more toast if we lose him.
  11. Benek

    Vs Cowboys rd 23 2022

    Walsh looks like a 12 year old out there tonight. The guy is completely useless. Lost his mojo when he cut his hair?
  12. Benek

    Vs Cowboys rd 23 2022

    No doubt we are missing RTS so badly.
  13. Benek

    Vs Cowboys rd 23 2022

    Walsh is having a day to forget.
  14. Benek

    Vs Cowboys rd 23 2022

    Looking like this one will be a bloodbath. Cowboys dominant to start and 2 tries in 10 minutes.
  15. Benek

    3-2-1 v Bulldogs

    3. Harris. Such a powerful combo of skills. 2. Walsh. Despite a few errors was super dangerous setting up tries. 1. Johnson. Nowhere near perfect but has started engaging the line and it’s wonderful to see. So many other good performances including a nice return for Asi, who looked keen. +1 to...