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  1. BestHookerRein

    The Game 2021 Judiciary Charges

    Anyone know what happened to both of the how many weeks for Latrell threads? I can’t seem to find them.
  2. BestHookerRein

    Moses Mbye

    Safe to say probably the most astute signing that the Dragons, and maybe the NRL has ever seen!
  3. BestHookerRein

    2021 R19 Sun - St Geo Illa 10-32 Gold Coast @ Cbus Super

    Ain’t no shame in being beaten by the best
  4. BestHookerRein

    Dragons statement: Player breach

    My apologies…. I’m used to most people who are defending them being One Eyed supporters. I still don’t agree with you though.
  5. BestHookerRein

    Dragons statement: Player breach

    Yeah, but it was his second indiscretion with a Covid incident. I reckon if I was found out by my boss to have broken State, as well as the rules put in place by my higher ups, like the NRL have, I’d be fired from my job too. But you keep those Red and White Goggles on, champ.
  6. BestHookerRein

    Round 16 vs Warriors

    He’s beaten charges already this year, one more won’t hurt
  7. BestHookerRein

    Round 16 vs Warriors

    I’m so glad everyone blew their load over one performance against the Broncos and signed that petition for Dufty…..
  8. BestHookerRein

    News Coronavirus and NRL

    It’s no wonder that the two areas that have caused Sydney the biggest Covid grief are Manly and Eastern Suburbs, another reason to hate the merkin areas and teams
  9. BestHookerRein

    You go girls

    Watching Studdon in the halves last night made me quite optimistic having Norman this year…. I didn’t think it could get worse than CN
  10. BestHookerRein

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Just watched one…. Never thought about scrapping weapons, especially the ones that have harder to find stuff like circuitry for better settlement defences
  11. BestHookerRein

    Forum Upgrade

    Reported for defamation for being compared to Dorris
  12. BestHookerRein

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Sitting on the sidelines with a busted ACL, so have just reinstalled fallout 4 because I didn’t finish it the first time I played it
  13. BestHookerRein

    Opinion Is Nathan Cleary a better player than Ivan at his peak?

    Maybe on TikTok, Nathan’s game is better
  14. BestHookerRein

    Forum Upgrade

    Job shaming…. You hate to see it