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  1. Blues Riff

    2021 PF 1 Sat - Melbourne v Penrith @ Suncorp

    ^^^Well Rhynob's back death riding us, so I guess we're a chance.
  2. Blues Riff

    Panthers v Parra

    Are we still paying for these two flogs to play against us in '22 ?
  3. Blues Riff

    Panthers v Parra

    Give yourself an uppercut. It's the best teams playing sudden death now.
  4. Blues Riff

    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    What he's done is coach defence for the best defensive team over the last two seasons. Hope this helps.
  5. Blues Riff

    Predictions Tom Trbojevic is the 2021 Dally M Medalist

    This award invariably goes to a great player in a team of flogs. To put it into perspective, the current medallist is Simple Jack.
  6. Blues Riff

    2021 Rnd 25 V Parramatta

    Hey, I just had a thought. In last year's GF, the Storm had to wear their away jersey because we finished above them. This year, not so. hmmm. Edit- Ha, TheFrog beat me to it.
  7. Blues Riff

    2021 Rnd 25 V Parramatta

    Haha, has anyone actually read any of the last 3 pages?
  8. Blues Riff

    2021 Rnd 25 V Parramatta

    He's stealing Nathan's DM points. Rarely does a player live up to a week of Nable schtick.
  9. Blues Riff

    General Discussion Thread

    Good to see Brian getting the media attention he deserves, but geez, that FOX promo could have been handled with a bit more sensitivity. The narration is poorly written and should have been done by someone like Hannah Hollis, not the "What about this bloke" bloke.
  10. Blues Riff

    Spoilers Alert - Sharks Vs Bellamy’s Lot

    Obviously you have our support. Good luck.
  11. Blues Riff

    2021 Rnd 24 V Wests Tigers

    Yep, I'm in (out?) Time to eradicate this virus.
  12. Blues Riff

    Will Nathan Cleary surpass Andrew Johns as the greatest ever halfback to play the game?

    So, I voted yes. Long way to go though. He's dedicated enough. Did you see the kicks yesterday? He bent two (2) high velocity grubbers into the upright, one for a try and one for a line drop out. Fluke? maybe. How about the floating bombs last week? Nice. By all accounts, he's fanatical in his...
  13. Blues Riff

    2021 Rnd 24 V Wests Tigers

    Nathan won't make excuses for the errors, but I will. I was a crap venue and time slot. The sun was low and directly in the eyes in the first half. This also applies to Dylan's attempted catch. Thankfully, no more games at sunset this year. Edit- and silverdick, "nobody f**king cares"
  14. Blues Riff

    Non Penrith games

    Moylan's a flog. Luai is the heart and soul of this team, a huge part of the current success. Further correspondence will not be entered into.