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    News Coronavirus and NRL

    It’s literally days until it’s postponed. Pathetic.
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    Tina Turner

    This has been my issue the whole time. People need to clarify if it’s the messaging or execution that’s their problem. Some people say it’s the messaging but then spend all their time splitting hairs on the execution so their point is moot.
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    Tina Turner

    Fox spot is a clear broadcasters promo so relies on iconic broadcast vision as they should. NRL is trying to be a purpose promo promoting their larger purpose. Harder thing to achieve but people asking for more game vision are missing the point or, purpose.
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    overrated centres

    Angus Crichton.
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    The Game 2020 Crowd Watch

    Nothing says Peak NRL like playing a pre season tournament in Perth in February on a weekday into Valentine’s Day evening.
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    2019 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    The NRL should simply be signing a multi million dollar deal with a branding and marketing consultation firm to oversee all decisions made by the clubs including custom jerseys and make sure they fit in with both the NRL brand and the individual brand of each club.
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    2019 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    Why is everyone taking t-boon seriously? Or am I missing that everyone is in on the troll?
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    Cricket 19

    Apparently the cut scenes struggle to perform smoothly. Which sucks. That’s my area. But on a whole it should play well.
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    Cricket 19

    Game’s out. Interested to know peoples thoughts. Here’s a trailer for the game.
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    Cricket 19

    I’m helping Big Ant with some areas of C19 and it’s looking like a great next step up from Ashes.
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    2019 Crowd Watch

    NRL clubs put too much focus on numbers of members and not enough on seeing those members go to games. Membership should include a discounted tier system so if you attend 12 games you get 12% season tickets next year. 10 games attended 10% off and so forth.
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    Barba sacked by Cowboys

    Nothing says rugby league like a player beating his missus and fans arguing over who’s enjoying it too much and not enough.
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    Todd Greenberg has got to go!

    Perhaps it’s time to put a blanket minimum punishment on misdemeanours. Game into disrepute and law breaking being the two thresholds or minimum punishment. 3 month ban and 10% of salary 6 month ban and 20% of salary Second time offenders 1 year ban and 30% salary. All fines go into...
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    News Dylan Walker off-field indiscretions

    Yes it should be and no they don't.
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    2019 Face of the Game - should it be Latrell?

    I feel bad for some players. They have the potential for big dollars with a high profile and that profile gets f*€@ed by their own fans making their 'brand' unlikable so when a marketing research company were to evaluate their public perception its negatively impacted by &$@*tard fans of their...