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  1. Buz-V

    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Mark Geyer on Triple M said it
  2. Buz-V

    Matt Dufty

    This! Not sure how you can't see this Muzby, He had ample time to cover after the tackle and was completely out of position. Then just jogs. I love the Duff, He's an attacking beast but his fullback positional play is the worst in the league. He just gets lazy and doesn't seem to care. It's...
  3. Buz-V

    Corey Norman

    Corey Norman caught up in a brawl. Maybe our chance to cut him loose for Sullivan to come in? Knowing us we will give him an extension lol
  4. Buz-V

    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    Hearing Zane Musgrove from Tigpies is a potential signing. Big Prop, Anyone seen him play?
  5. Buz-V

    Round 9 vs Warriors

    I think someone needs to learn what a forum is.
  6. Buz-V

    Round 9 vs Warriors

    I'm just stating what my thoughts were when i was watching the game. Geez people in here get their knickers in a twist easy. By your logic Tariq Sims scores 2 a year but there we were last year aginst the broncs 3 in ten minutes! OMG! Magical i tell you!
  7. Buz-V

    Round 9 vs Warriors

    Not sure about first class but yes thats a possibilty. But with all Aitkens downfalls and the criticism he gets he is a machine near the line in that position and IMO he more often than not would have scored there.
  8. Buz-V

    Round 9 vs Warriors

    Blast me all you want for this but, I dont read this forum enough to know if this bloke is a toss or not and I'm sure you all have your reasons to be reacting the way you do to his posts but I will say he does have a point here. Lomax obviously has talent, There is no denying that but he...
  9. Buz-V

    Corey Norman??

    If you have a close look at him, Before he gets the ball, He is scanning the opposing defensive line well before he gets the ball. Then when he gets the ball he already knows what he is going to do. That is why he seems to have so much time and that is giving our outside backs a lot more time...
  10. Buz-V

    Jdb case

  11. Buz-V

    Corey Norman??

    I saw one a while back of him pouring Canadian club on and drinking off of something fishy If you know what i mean. Pretty sure it was old. So if it was that i dont think he has anything to worry about.
  12. Buz-V

    McInnes to Eels

    Hunt to hooker, Norman to half, Widdop to five/eighth and Dufty to fullback. Robson to 14. No biggy lol.
  13. Buz-V

    Write the a Dragons off at your own peril.

    I was thinking about the lineup without Debelin today and thought we should put Graham at 13. He's a good ball playing forward and tackles his bum off. He's lost a lot of his go forward but he's probably the best ball playing forward we have . 8. K Simms 9. McInnes 10. Vaughan 11. T Simms 12...
  14. Buz-V

    Corey Norman??

    Ive been running our backline through my head since Norman has signed and for the life of me cant seem to get a balance. Its a weird signing for this year although i am sure its looking at the future for when Widdop leaves at the end of the year. So here we are with 3 halves worth around 1 Mill...
  15. Buz-V

    Great Nicknames

    John Eales - Nobody, Cos nobody's perfect :)

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