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  1. Cage

    In Fitzy We Trust

    I get nothing but good vibes from Fitzy, and his previous association with the club through his fathers coaching and his ball- boy duties is a bonus
  2. Cage

    In Fitzy We Trust

    Pretty ordinary on the Club's part. Whoever was responsible needs to be made aware of the importance of doing the one percenters.
  3. Cage


    Ferdie Dominelli, what a blast from the past. I worked there when that ad was made.
  4. Cage

    A Reynolds

    As Yossarian said in Catch 22 'I see everything twice',
  5. Cage

    A Reynolds

    More importantly, does he have any space left for a Sharks tattoo :confused:
  6. Cage

    Team vs Storm

    The latest NRL team list has Wilton in for Ramien and Magoulias to the bench
  7. Cage

    A Reynolds

    I'll believe it when the club announce it
  8. Cage

    A Reynolds

    In the time it took to hit "Post Reply' I've increased my post count by 33 1/3%
  9. Cage

    A Reynolds

    Ozzi Mate, as I have made it to the age of geriartrica I have learnt not to rush into things, and have actually elevated procrastination to an art form
  10. Cage

    A Reynolds

    Painful I think
  11. Cage

    Xerri test sample B

    The 5K a week he's scamming from the club would help.

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