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  1. chewsta

    The ‘Anything and Everything’ Thread

    Free entry for 2 people to Rosehill on the 29th for the Races if your a 2022 Sharks Member. Any of you doodle enthusiasts heading to the races that day? I might wander in for a look.
  2. chewsta

    The ‘Anything and Everything’ Thread

    Arana Taumata had 8 or 9 NRL clubs and was fired from every single one of them. He then went out to bush league or something like that as a captain/coach and was fired from that too! Of all the wonderful opportunities life had put in front of him, he chose to be a proper f**kwit piece of shit...
  3. chewsta

    Is 2023 the year?

    Agree with most points BUT I'm against moving Talakai into the middle. He makes 200+ metres a game on the edges running at one out defenders. Putting him in the middle will totally nullify him. He may make one or two good runs but most of the time he will just get bashed in numbers and make...
  4. chewsta

    Fitz Family Finals Failures

    Wade Graham and his dad Nick Graham only 50% as well.
  5. chewsta

    Team v Cows Wk 1

    Not concerned at all with Tracey. Bloke is probably faster than the blokes he is replacing and if speed isn't enough he will just run over the top of them anyway. That try he scored in the corner against the bunnies he smoked Alex Johnston on the outside. I agree his put downs aren't as sexy as...
  6. chewsta

    Outlandish tips for the Cowboys game

    If we compete at 80% or more we win by 20+ Chad to kick out on the full atleast once, leading to the Sharks scoring a try. Ramien to give Holmes a right royal pegging!
  7. chewsta

    Back the defence versus hold the ball.

    I knew it! Nice work mate. Why am I picturing you as Martin Prince off the Simpson's every time a spreadsheet is supplied LOL! That Warriors game at 88% completion with 11 on the field is where we want to be! Hopefully with 13 on the field this time though.
  8. chewsta

    Back the defence versus hold the ball.

    When we have had better completion rates we looked unbeatable. Against Melbourne at Pointsbet Springs to mind. so we do have it in us. Hopefully Fitz can get us back in that frame of mind for the next 3 or 4 games. If he can, fmd look out!!!
  9. chewsta

    OT: Tragic car crash

    So very tragic indeed. Lives will never be the same again for the poor families and friends who are left behind and not to mention the first responders. I'm sure as a first responder adrenaline and training takes over in that situation but at the end of the day when your alone with your own...
  10. chewsta

    OT - OTHER GAMES 2022

    Canberra up 42-0 at half time. Tigers are in this, right up to the eyebrows! Come on Tiges, go out on a high!
  11. chewsta

    GAME DAY vs Newcastle Knoughts

    Certainly wasn't intentional but still a hip drop. Similar to Nikoras hip drop that saw him suspended. Momentum of the ball carrier drives through the defender who fell awkwardly on the lower legs. Hopefully Sifa is okay.
  12. chewsta

    Same game multis

    Well done man! Nikora for a hattrick! Imagine if he ran hard. Lol
  13. chewsta

    Same game multis

    Lachie - FTS Nicho, Ronnie, Matty Ik and Jesse as anytime scorers. 230/1 got a tenner on it! Got a bunch of even more ridiculous ones on as well.
  14. chewsta

    GAME DAY vs Newcastle Knoughts

    Ours and theirs? Or just theirs, they's thems?

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