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    Super league England vs all stars

    Didn’t play first round.
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    Super league England vs all stars

    England officals seem keen to continue the all stars game as a mid year representative match. The game appears hollow and does not offer the all stars playing group nor fans a match they can become emotional about and get behind. Why? The hope of a competitive French team full of its stars...
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    If the RLWC is postponed....

    What would you like to see occuring internationally. In the Southern Hemisphere I’d like a full Oceania up Group 1 Australia Tonga PNG Cook Island Group 2 New Zealand Fiji Samoa Niue A southern Mediterranean Cup Lebanon Italy Malta Greece Turkey Nothern Hemisphere European...
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    Is there going to be a talent drain again for 2021 with the hunters back on. 2020 must have been the strongest comp since the hunters started
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    PNG Digicel Cup Aiming for July 4 Kick Off

    How about the 10. Fifita 2016 like finish
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    PNG Digicel Cup Aiming for July 4 Kick Off

    What is the state of the game in Bougainville?
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    The A-Teams

    No “A” teams should never be included in an international competition it cheapens everything. Let them play smaller nations like pm13 and knights already do
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    Are there any current NRL or SL players eligible for USA?

    Ronaldo Mulitalo Cronulla only played the one so far but I believe he could be eligible
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    Who’s 4th best , Tonga or Fiji .

    Montoya Vunivalu Ravalawa Sivo Kamikamica Lovodua Kikau penioni tagituimua wore 17 I believe Coach said he was man of the series vs Tonga residents
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    Who’s 4th best , Tonga or Fiji .

    8 of the Fijian 17 born in Fiji. The young half from the residents didn’t look out of place either.
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    Match Thread - Cook Islands V South Africa

    I missed the America’s. With the USA selection policy being mostly domestic then it will be Cooks by 30 at least especially at the end of year if club land doesn’t play havoc on the CI team
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    South Africa

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    Match Thread - Cook Islands V South Africa

    There was never any doubt that the cooks would put points on the South Africans. In a positive for the rhinos the fullback will smith looked good and he has come from the WA league. The edge second rower was impressive, Gilham and he was born in Pretoria. The big South African front towers...