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    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Off topic anyone read Dufty interview the other day. Like the kid but you don’t bag previous club and coach buddy when you basically saying you wouldn’t follow instructions.
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    Sack Griffin

    Any bloke that thinks Wayne is not what we need must be related to someone in the board. Cause old Clint would never have them hanging around the team or imposing on the team. He would tell them where they need to be and that’s not around the team. Which the board of morons would not be happy about.
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    The Rumours Thread

    How do we go from Cameron Munster being mentioned to Sharon Woods. I guess for 150-200 we could do worse
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    Rumoured Signings

    No chance he would be doing this amd I hate the doggies. Gus is the padding for all players hence why he was brought in. And I don’t think the kid is the type to backflip.
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    As much as I hate to say it...

    The bunnies for me. The Great man old Clint Bennet gave me one of the happiest days of my life so will always be grateful to him.
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    Melbourne Storm alleged incident

    I get it’s not a good look but what has become of society where putting things up on social media knowing fully well of the implications and ramifications it will have on blokes lives, who should know they are in the spot light.
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    2021 PF 1 Sat - Melbourne 6-10 Penrith @ Suncorp

    Enjoy saying nothing in the clearly tackle Does he watch what we are all watching. I don’t care who wins but that’s a suspension all day every day. Who gives a !!!! Whether it’s Cleary or Brooks
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    I heard uncle Nick is about to turf out Trent and hand the keys to the roosters including their salary cap creativity to McGregor. Uncle Nick believes old Mary is a genius due to the fact he has mastered the art of fooling people into believing he can coach and thinks Mary can pull the wool over...
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    Question on Peter V'landys

    Watching the game my old man the last year has walked away from the tv. He looked at the score and say and watched the whole game with me. End of the game he said this horse bloke thinks teams winning by 30-50 points a game is good for the game. He should watch this game over and over and then...
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    The Rumours Thread

    Care to expand I’m a bit confused.
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    Sack mcgregor

    This guy is the new covid variant the health clowns will do our heads in about. We just can’t get rid of this stench. I can’t get the fascination about him as a coach. He is as useless as sleepy Joe if that is at all possible.
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    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Elliot is not what we need nor is he any good. Looked good in a poor dogs side. The guy is a dead set shit for brains as his brain explosions not only are off the field but he has them on the field. He just doesn’t look the type of bloke players would like to play with. Don’t know why any club...
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    Dragons table three-year deal to Moses Suli

    Manlys cap is top loaded. 4-5 players are in huge money. Like 2 are at 1 million plus and 3 at 8-900 grand. That’s 4 million or more for 5 players. So imagine what the other say 25 are earning to fit into another 4 million. They also have Fainu who would want good coin if he returns
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    Biggest changes needed in 2022

    The best thing we have going for us is Ryan Webb. I think he has vision. But is the board going to chain him and allow him to only open the door and then the board make the decision to walk through the door. We as supporters want success and deservedly so. My mates laugh when looking at our club...
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    How many weeks for Latrell?

    The guy is a complete fwit. He may be a good player but he is a grub of the highest order. Don’t mind the hard plays or niggle but this moron is the next level of scum. How I wish the days of a Chris Mortimer or Micheal Beattie being up against Latrell. His head would be the size of a watermelon...

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