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  • Even i'm not that talented.

    Having said that - I just noticed yours then. haha. oops

    f**k all is up. Was bored. Thought i'd say hey.
    Oi Cliffy ya scrag, were you shopping in the city on Friday around midday at a chick shop? (can't remember the name)

    I was certain it was you. If not, you have a doppleganger out there lol.
    my pm box was highlighted for the last few weeks and never noticed i lol. Didn't know LU had something like this
    Yes, Linnett was in my fantasy team so I was cheering that try on...never understood why he was dropped. Especially to put Aubusson in the centres...
    Don't apologise, I said so the other day. I just heard he was 18th man last week, not from a reliable source though.
    The confidence is not inexplicable I meant...

    And a dog at the dinner table? Well that'd just be ridiculous.
    I think you should have said what Dr. Spaceman implied to Jenna about public pools when she had her hysterical pregnancy. It would have been grosser
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