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Recent content by CliffyIsGod

  1. CliffyIsGod

    2019 R24 Sat - Sea Eagles 6-36 Storm @ Lottoland

    just came here to say suck shit skeepe
  2. CliffyIsGod

    Cleary's verbal altercation with Klein

    I am sure Tyrone May was there with the camera.
  3. CliffyIsGod

    Which team has the worst fanbase?

    Souffs Broncos Sharks
  4. CliffyIsGod

    Tommy Turbo or Latrell Mitchell

    Remember when Kimmorley had a lock on the NSW 7 jersey and they used to play Andrew Johns at hooker...
  5. CliffyIsGod

    Tommy Turbo or Latrell Mitchell

    TT is a better player than Ponga.
  6. CliffyIsGod

    Rumoured Signings

    I will be very annoyed if we don't keep the GOAT
  7. CliffyIsGod

    2019 R16 Sun - Sharks 22-24 Broncos @ PointsBet

    What the shark did is a penalty. What Lodge did back is a professional foul.
  8. CliffyIsGod

    2019 Origin III - Wed 10 Jul - NSW 26-20 QLD @ ANZ

    Exactly. He’d be the first prop picked for Australia. Let’s be honest, Don Tweedle could have taken a position last game and “done a job”. Doesn’t mean you keep him instead of Klemmer. Still, Coach Timmah knows best.
  9. CliffyIsGod

    2019 Origin III - Wed 10 Jul - NSW 26-20 QLD @ ANZ

    And he was the best prop last series, which NSW won. He made the most meters in game 1 for NSW. Winning one game comfortably isn't enough of a trend, is it? You must be sad he left the dogs, it is the only explanation.
  10. CliffyIsGod

    NSW 2019

    But Klemmer was there last year when NSW destroyed QLD. Klemmer was the best prop in game 1. It makes zero sense.
  11. CliffyIsGod

    2019 Origin III - Wed 10 Jul - NSW 26-20 QLD @ ANZ

    So let us get this straight. Klemmer didn't let anyone down in game 1 (or any game last year), gets injured. Comes back and makes stacks of meters for Newcastle Saifiti has a standard/good origin 2, doesn't let anyone down Klemmer is back, having now let anyone down Klemmer loses spot. Ok...
  12. CliffyIsGod

    Ball Stripping Good or Bad?

    Stupid rule.
  13. CliffyIsGod

    2019 R15 Sun - Bulldogs 14-12 Sharks @ ANZ

    Lol massive overlap well done chad