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    Shaun Nona

    Looks like he has made his way to the Bronco's.
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    He was never coming and probably won't with anyone else as he can't get a release unless some one is willing to pay a fee.
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    Jai Field

    Its funny people want the juniors to slot straight into first grade before actually playing any real grade football and if they have a shocker they get absolutely hammered and told they are shit. Lafai, McDonald and Nightingale will not get dropped that is obvious to see and you sure as hell...
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    James Graham.

    Some one makes up numbers like a politician.
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    Spots Available

    Payne and the Clune brothers have not been offered anything by the club since Illawarra has been made redundant by the Dragons going it alone in the ISP. Nisbet has been added as a part time player and he may not be the last with Millward looking to see how certain players develop from the new...
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    Depth & Juniors

    Funny enough KFFL and Dodd have both ended up at the Blackhawks. Hind and Lewis have trained with the Storm.
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    Depth & Juniors

    What experienced outside backs did people expect the club to sign. When you look at who was available it was slim pickings at best and the same people who complain about no experienced depth are the same one's who complain about not giving the juniors ago. The club cleared out alot of dead...
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    Field will be lucky to see any first grade in the near future and I will be surprised if he is at the club beyond next year. He like Mann are utilities at best and like Field i don't see Mann being a regular and surprised he stayed. Dufty has a ways to go to be a regular fullback and I could...
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    Depth & Juniors

    Very good post Saints. You have made some very valid points but people will still have a cry that the club doesn't have enough depth and on the other side they don't blood enough youngsters. The ISP team will largely be very young so the results may vary throughtout the year but on the plus...
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    I guess using capitals makes for more interesting reading.
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    2017 Rugby League World Cup

    Lafai has been utter shit.
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    Lomax Eyes Centre Spot

    If they promote Zac before he is ready it will be a disaster to his confidence. Having a fully functioning reserve grade team is the best thing that has happened in a while it will alow players to actually get some combinations going instead of playing with part time players.
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    Blake Ferguson

    Get rid of Dugan a bogan to get another makes sense.
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    Widdop Fullback

    I gather you didn't know the Cutters named stopped being used at the end of 2016.
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    Why not play Jai Field on the Wing?

    Field on the wing he is a midget.