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  1. Coffs dragon

    The Rumours Thread

    Well at least they will have similarities to our next coach in 2024…….Young & inexperienced 🤔
  2. Coffs dragon

    The Rumours Thread

    We can only wish Cody makes a successful recovery to this serious illness. Football should be the last thing on his and his family’s minds at present. Good on Hook as well for his care and compassion to his players. I’m sure it is most appreciated by Cody & family. May the Saints look after this...
  3. Coffs dragon

    The Rumours Thread

    So does that mean the Dragons aren’t out of the Woods as yet!!
  4. Coffs dragon

    The Rumours Thread

    You can bet that sleazy bastard will use his Dragons inside knowledge to milk our system for future Manly signings. I have never trusted that self serving bloke.
  5. Coffs dragon

    New recruits for 2023

    At least passion pop makes a dent & goes thru you quicker 🤣😂
  6. Coffs dragon

    New recruits for 2023

    Flanno should be sued for fraud, pretending to be our recruitment list manager! The only thing he ever “listed” was himself to every coaching position that came up.
  7. Coffs dragon

    The Rumours Thread

    With the current forward pack we have, being the worst in the NRL, I’m certain we’ll be Spoon favourites 2023!
  8. Coffs dragon


    Pass & no thanks…. Done nothing as a previous NRL assistant coach of any note!
  9. Coffs dragon


    Good on him and well played. You don’t play over 300 NRL games without being a tough & committed bugger. He has done the right thing by the club and himself. Nothing left to prove, except beginning a post life career & enjoying his family time.
  10. Coffs dragon

    New recruits for 2023

    They’re waiting for Flanno to return from the World Cup so he can make the big announcements. Like: I’m out of here & heading to Manly and by the way we have a gun 29 year old from the UK 2nd division in the bag🤣😂
  11. Coffs dragon

    The Rumours Thread

    Surely the Tigers aren’t that stupid, they have suffered enough!
  12. Coffs dragon

    Match against St Helens in Pre - Season 23

    Hopefully St.Helens are casting their eyes on some NRL talent to secure! They have chosen the Dragons to assess Woodsy, Macca & Mbye as part of their target leadership group. Please….
  13. Coffs dragon

    Craig Young and personal reference for Finch

    The correct and right decision by Albert. Time for the club to move on and get some balance & smarts into the boardroom.
  14. Coffs dragon

    Sack Griffin

    Why can’t our useless bloody club just flick Hook now as there is absolute no use in keeping him on if the decision is already made. Surely assistant coaches Ryan Carr & Ben Woolf can jointly step up and have Nathan Brown as a lending hand mentoring, until Dean Young is able n ready for 2024...
  15. Coffs dragon

    Nathan Brown guides St Helens to GF

    I agree & reckon he’s made for this role in Pathways, development & Recruitment. A good man that is popular with media & player agents that has a deep love & passion for the Dragons. Get ‘em young Brownie and keep them in our system.

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