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  • G'Day, Champ

    I joined BigFooty in 2001 (also use 'CyberKev') and still visit, but not as frequently as I used to. I try and keep over certain threads, particularly the BF Rugby League one, but I don't post all that often these days.

    I used to post often on the separate League Unlimited AFL site (with Twizzle, AuckMel and co), but it was poorly frequented and went under at bthe end of 2010.

    I go for Hawthorn and the Dragons (and Redcliffe in the QLD comp, although I don't follow it closely these days).
    Sorry Cammers.

    Just saw this now, which shows how often I've been online lately. I can't really be bothered with Supercoach anymore, as I don't really have the time required to do it effectively. No doubt you'd be happy with the new AFL TV deal and the return of an AFL dedicated channel.
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