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    Round 19 v Titans

    Atkin and Lafai are better than Ramsey and Beale. At least Aitkin could run the ball out of the trouble, or run strong to score a try. Beale is slow as shit and Ramsey will be ragdolled all day long. Lafai when he wasn't injured had a nice pass and step. Granted Aitken's defence sucked, but I am...
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    Matt Dufty

    Dufty has shown improved defence as well. He held up a try and at least had a go at trying to stop a rampaging TC that probably had 30+ kg on him
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    Round 13 v The Stone Poneys

    So we are getting rid of the guy with 5 try assists for the guy who cannot catch the ball.... Typical dragons.
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    2018 was all power game. Our bench rotation has been better so far. Our selections have been better. I have yet to see a winger picked as a prop. We have huge amounts of salary cap out. McGuire, de Belin and McInnes and we have forward coverage.
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    Time to sign griffin on a 5 year extension. On ANZAC day. What could possibly go wrong?
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    R5 eels

    slow the game down u dickheads
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    R5 eels

    the old square up. get f**ked.
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    R5 eels

    the old square up. get f**ked.
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    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    Club is hoping JDB's court case is finalised. Natural halfback. Slot him right in at #7
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    Andrew Fifita

    Considering Fifita? Dear god. I miss the days where we didn't have to even consider dickheads
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    It is tough being a dragons supporter

    The appalling treatment of BMoz and Soward in particular are the ones that hurt as a supporter. The club has an inability to obtain and retain quality players. It is not an unlikely scenario that we have 0 rep players in state of origin this year (maybe Hunt/Vaughn/Lomax, though I think Vaughn...
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    It is tough being a dragons supporter

    This sums up my feelings of being a dragons supporter.
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    Zac Lomax

    Seeing Rumors that Zac was outside the bubble at the football and coffee shops in Temora. Not sure how whether true or not but it will be big blow if they are.
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    Round 13 vs Roosters

    I am gonna go with the dumbest thing is Inglis trying to kick a field goal when down by 2.
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    The forwards are saying that Mcinnes is directing them around the field. I think I will take their word on him providing plenty of talk. The penalties and 6 agains that led to Walker scoring were not due to Mcinnes not getting stuck into the ref, but more to do with the coach's piss-poor bench...

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