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Nov 26, 2013
Sep 6, 2003
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di luvs parra


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Nov 26, 2013
    1. Haynzy
      Hi Di...hope you are well
    2. bartman
      PM received, and replied!
    3. bartman
      Yep, will do, I think they announce the days soon... and we should use the good old PM for the mobiles thing!
    4. bartman
      Yeah, I can have a drink after a Homebush game. Used to live at Ashfield before going away, but am actually living on the Central Coast at the moment... will probably move down Sydney somewhere early next year.
    5. bartman
      I think the friends is another myspace type thing? I think it just comes in the latest update of the software on here... We should have a few Saturday night games, I think the ones v Dogs and Saints at Homebush might end up being on Saturdays perhaps...
    6. bartman
      I think everyone can read these, it's kind of like myspace lol, although you can delete them as well.

      That's the one game I won't be able to make - I got talked into going in the City to Surf which clashes with our game (3pm at SFS on the Sunday). So probably not that one :(
    7. bartman
      I got back two months ago now... been a bit blurred with jet-lag and culture shock, just starting to get a clear head back now, and my boxes of junk get back on the ship this week.

      Yeah, here for good now. Thought it might be for longer too, but things didn't work out that way and toward the end I found myself wanting to be back home.

      We get a lot of night games, hey? I prefer the daytime ones. Homebush is alright to go to as well, I've found.

      Thanks Di, and I'll look forward to a catch up before/after/during one of the games.
    8. bartman
      Hi Di! Thanks for thinking of me... just had a very quiet birthday this year.

      Do you still go to games? I'm living back in Australia now, and try and get to most games, home and away if I can.

      Hope you are well, and look forward to cacthing up sometime!
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