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  1. Dirty Hoe

    Impact of new State - based U/20's on 2018 Intrust Super Cup

    The Jets young ones are more interested in getting on the drink when they know they are out of factor zero. They need a change up on how they operate. Doesnt help that their CEO of Football has called it quits
  2. Dirty Hoe

    QRL / ISC "Magic Weekend" possibility

    Stuff the new Lang Park for the local it at Redcliffe or Coorparoo
  3. Dirty Hoe

    2018 Tipping Comp. Standings.

    Skinner was sh#t at tipping 10 years ago...good to see he's kept up the form
  4. Dirty Hoe

    Manu Vatuvei eyeing NRL comeback mean the Northland Rugby League? He'd be a good fit up there Haven't been on the Forum for years...good to see some common names still running around. New layout is woeful.
  5. Dirty Hoe

    Ipswich Jets .... No longer BRL comp team .... Players picked from IRL teams ?

    Jets will have a reggies side next year. The relationship between the RLI and the Jets isn't flash...mind you, neither is the relationship between the Ipswich Leagues Club and the Football club...a couple of people in the joint are stinkers, get them out and see the Jets and the local Ipswich...
  6. Dirty Hoe

    When are Northern Pride gonna change their name?

    Just call them Brothers Cairns, they would have enough money to put a side in...get the Spicks mocker back in the top league
  7. Dirty Hoe

    Sad News about legendary forumer

    RIP to Mike...certainly had some fine and fiery at times conversations with the big fella. He had the local game at heart that's forsure. I haven't been in this forum for years...good to see some familiar names still here from all those years ago!
  8. Dirty Hoe

    Which RL player played against the MOST clubs?

    if its any senior league grade...would almost be a given to be ewan mcgrady!
  9. Dirty Hoe

    2011 comes before 2012

    GC should be use to the spoon...afew decent years and back to the bad old days. Where was everyone at the game? A fickle bunch of supporters, there would have been 1 Titans supporter to every 3 Warriors supporters. Shameful club, Shameful fans
  10. Dirty Hoe

    supplement advice

    Please ignore Gallus Gallus...hes completely ignored your goals. BCAA and Whey are a must! A good quality BCAA and Whey protein is all you need. Stay away from this crap No-explode rubbish and Opt Nutrition is a rort, with poor quality protein! Sadly alot of people with only a limited...
  11. Dirty Hoe

    Reckon we're finished.....

    Richard Villasanti is looking to play local footy in Ipswich just outside of Brisbane for a couple of hundred a game. He could be a cheap and worthy gamble? If not for the Warriors, then certainly for the Vulcans
  12. Dirty Hoe

    The Haka

    Just another wank of a young one, wanting to pass on tradition...sad times The Haka is NZ!!
  13. Dirty Hoe

    Kiwi first to get life ban

    thomas...why dont you choo choo outta here, but on the way out toot your horn! ive certainly tried it back in the teen days, but not my thing. see no point in it, much like smoking ciggies.
  14. Dirty Hoe

    Kiwi first to get life ban played footy with the bloke...ver harsh for only the 'green'. hardly performace enhacing. andthe testing is outdated, cannabis can...
  15. Dirty Hoe

    Pet hates in gyms

    absolute dribble...