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    The New Norman

    McInnes was never going to stay once Mary was given the flick. He cried about it enough.
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    The Kids are Alright

    And for everyone who says he (Lomax) is too slow, did you see the Hammer not take any ground off him when Zac sprinted to score his try last weekend? As for Garrick, he still can't tackle. Zac much smarter and more skilful player than Garrick ever will be.
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    Round 23 - Panthers vs Rabbitohs: Friday 20th August 8:05pm @Suncorp Stadium

    The call was not even technically correct at all. The downtown rule places someone out of play if they are in front of the play the ball. Nicholls was not in front of the play the ball. Both Nicholls and Murray were in front of the kicker and stayed beyond 10 metres of kick receiver. Both back...
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    Predicted 2021 finish

    3 wins to finish in 8th place on 24 points.....if Norman isn't selected in the 17.
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    The Rumours Thread

    Burgess, Molo and Sua not make the team?
  6. D

    Round 22 Vs Dragons

    Good test for Taylen May. Second game, and marking Ravalawa.
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    Moses Mbye

    Someone needs a hug, or to grow a pair.
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    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Dragon's forum might be a hoot, but this one has turned into a wankfest. You all look like Jim with Nadia in American Pie right now
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    Round 19 v Titans

    What has Junior Amone done wrong? Why is he not getting any more chances in 1st grade? I thought he was looking ok in the few games he played in earlier in the season. But not been picked again for the last 6 - 8 weeks.
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    Where will the Qld NRL clubs play during the Brisbane Olympics?

    July 23 - Aug 8?? I thought Brisbane won the hosting of the summer games, not winter games.
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    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Finucane may be pricing himself out of the market, with latest rumour being he is seeking a 4 year $3.2 mill deal to sign with Sharks. He may well be worth 600k- 800k next year, but not sure if that value is going to be the same in years 2 - 4. Maybe he knows he has a fallback to stay with...
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    Round 19 v Titans

    Except, must win games is when we drop our bundle
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    The Rumours Thread

    We still need another front rower, even if we have got George Burgess. I am a Klemmer fan. I believe his form is down due to not getting along with O'Brien. At 27 years of age, great stats ever since he has played NRL, no reason why his best years aren't still ahead of him. I would prefer him...
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    Round 18 vs Sea Eagles

    Sims doesn't have a suspension to use up
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    Dragons statement: Player breach

    And Nathan Cleary last the midst of initial lockdown, he had that bunch of girls in his home drinking, dancing, and making tik toks. And found out to have lied to the Integrity unit investigation.

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