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  1. Downie

    David Gallop stands down as CEO

  2. Downie

    2012 NSW soo side..

    Yeah, I was unsure about this when thinking about the team. You'd think if both Morris twins were picked they'd play on the same side, but given both Josh and Jennings are left-sided centres it could be a problem. Going for Lawrence on the right side makes a lot more sense but I've never 100%...
  3. Downie

    2012 NSW soo side..

    haha woops, Josh
  4. Downie

    2012 NSW soo side..

    1. Brett Stewart 2. Brett Morris 3. Josh Morris 4. Michael Jennings 5. Akuila Uate 6. Todd Carney 7. Mitchell Pearce 8. Trent Merrin 9. Mitch Rein 10. Tim Mannah 11. Anthony Watmough 12. Glenn Stewart 13. Paul Gallen 14. Greg Bird/Luke Lewis 15. Tariq Sims 16. James Tamou 17...
  5. Downie

    Most respected player from each club

    Cronk over Slater for Melbourne, shirley?
  6. Downie

    RL independence day arrives - NRL Independent Commission announced

    Can anyone tell me if the ARL will have any role after the independent commission takes over (if it ever does)? Or will it become completely defunct with the state bodies taking over their other roles (such as junior development)?
  7. Downie

    Tony Williams

    He's 22 mate, turn it up.
  8. Downie

    Hayne the lair

    My biggest criticism of Hayne is that I was in the bathroom with him once at the Albion and he walked out without washing his hands. Shocking behaviour from a supposed role model.
  9. Downie

    Crowd Watch 2011 Mk II

  10. Downie

    '11 | R20 | Mon | Raiders 24-19 Dragons | Canberra

    haha nah, my mates and I were just thinking of making one up for tonight. Possibilities are 'Go you mad Hunt' or 'All hail Phil Haines'.
  11. Downie

    '11 | R20 | Mon | Raiders 24-19 Dragons | Canberra

    How lenient are Canberra Stadium with people bringing in banners? The website says no flags over 1mx1m but how generally accepted are they by security at the gate?
  12. Downie

    Video Ref at it again....

    I don't even know where to start with the Merritt tap-back today. How they couldn't see his foot clearly touching the ground whilst his hand was still in contact with the ball is beyond me. Expect a sorry and a week-long demotion for the video ref (Mander was it?) and a that's all folks. I don't...
  13. Downie

    '11 | Women in League R16 | Mon | Dragons 24-6 Sea Eagles | WIN

    Don't mind that loss, showed we can match it with them. Reminds me a lot of the game we lost to the Storm at Brookie in the last few rounds of '08. Our attack was a bit disjointed and the bye will do us good next week. And to be fair, two of their tries shouldn't have been and the other two...
  14. Downie

    2011 top 25 squads for NRL

    Manly: 1. Brett Stewart 2. Michael Robertson 3. Steve Matai 4. Jamie Lyon 5. David Williams 6. Kieran Foran 7. Daly Cherry-Evans 8. Jason King 9. Matt Ballin 10. Brent Kite 11. Anthony Watmough 12. Glenn Stewart 13. Shane Rodney 14. Terrence Seu Seu (not too sure if he's still around tbf) 15...