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  1. Dragon Slayer

    Where will the Qld NRL clubs play during the Brisbane Olympics?

    Anastasia better start saving in her little piggy bank because after this Corona Virus is done with this Country we will be in the red for decades.
  2. Dragon Slayer

    Dale Finucane

    These dominoes aren’t falling as easily as the Club thought.
  3. Dragon Slayer

    Dale Finucane

    The off-season starts on a Friday.
  4. Dragon Slayer

    Predictions 2021 top 8 predictions

    Who gives a f**k about the 8. Storm will put a score on the riff in the GF. Yes they are so far ahead of the competition, even the Riff.
  5. Dragon Slayer

    Opinion Penrith

    You have left out he has let down God.
  6. Dragon Slayer

    Dale Finucane

    Ozzi great scoop. 😂🤣😂
  7. Dragon Slayer

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Expensive Damaged goods are very hard to move.
  8. Dragon Slayer

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    $800K would be overs for sure considering his age. But I dare say he’d at least perform close to his pay check. I Can’t say that about most of the players we have on our books currently on similar money or higher.
  9. Dragon Slayer

    Where will the Qld NRL clubs play during the Brisbane Olympics?

    Where the other people with two heads live. They’ll play in Tasmania.
  10. Dragon Slayer

    Question on Peter V'landys

    Glad to see your signing off with your name after posting.
  11. Dragon Slayer

    Opinion Penrith

    Pressure on the NRL to make an example of Api the silly Chappy. Apparently breached the bubble twice with a side chick. Api’s got a wife and kid. What a scum bag.
  12. Dragon Slayer

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    The bald one is saying we are the front runners now. Talk about the kiss of death.
  13. Dragon Slayer

    Are Melbourne finished?

    Melbourne say we’ll see your Pangai Junior and raise you a Xavier Coates.
  14. Dragon Slayer

    Rumoured Signings

    I think you’ll find the Cowboys have been the victims of a last minute Shark attack. Apparently he likes the waves at Cronulla.
  15. Dragon Slayer


    Apart from being Friday do tell Chimp. 😃

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