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    The Rumours Thread

    Who would want to feature in a Dragons promotional shoot? Maybe only Hunt to be playing for the Dragons 12 months later!
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    A Huge Positive Amongst the Doom and Gloom

    BBJF, a perceptive opinion which gives Norman the benefit of the doubt. He had only a short time with us before the Sivo hit but I can recall thinking in that time he seemed to run straighter than Widdop. I try to avoid hating our own players so this is my 1st comment on Corey. That compares to...
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    The Rumours Thread

    OT, I normally find myself on the same side of issues as you but my view relating to Latrell is a bit different. Having said that I am much more in accord with your quoted post than your earlier one. I never have inside info for the Forum, so in Latrell's case where I do, I feel compelled to...
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    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Fact: Quite often at the moment Denison St is one way northbound only as the southbound lane is frequently blocked by cars queuing for a drive-in Covid test at Southern Pathology. To head south you have to wait for a break in the traffic and overtake the queue via the right hand side of the...
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    Round 23 vs Roosters

    As we were struggling through the four losses while we missed players because of the BBQ suspensions I was hopeful that once all players were available the team would reproduce its early season form. But sadly untimely injuries have kicked in as well as Griffin's unwillingness to pick Dufty the...
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    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    I think Matt Feagai has done pretty well on the wing. A couple of dropped balls cost us dearly vs the Raiders but otherwise I believe he has looked up for NRL. Bad luck for Max getting that head knock. I would love to see Ramsey go well but thus far the best I can say is he has finished well and...
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    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    I think the performance of Faama this season should be a cautionary tale for those ready to ditch McGuire. There was plenty of enthusiasm around Faama when first signed. On the strength of a few highlights most pundits here had him in the starting line up. How has he turned out? A couple of...
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    Moses Mbye

    I have been on this Forum for 6 years and for all that time GetSmarty has provided a huge service to all members through his posting of published news of the Dragons. I feel I owe him a great debt for his devotion of so much time and effort. To see his veracity and personality attacked is not...
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    Moses Mbye

    I haven't seen anyone mention Mary's Mr Fix it, Jake Marketo. Nor the Butcher from the Bush whose name escapes me. What about George Rose or the return of FaiFaiLoa? Or Luke Page or Mark Ioan or Dane Nielsen? On the other hand Joel Thompson was a beauty and with hindsight should have been kept...
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    The Rumours Thread

    He looks pretty intense when he jumps for the high ball! The first Dragon since Ben Creagh to have a decent go at the high ball. The best goal kicker the Dragons have had since Jamie Soward though I acknowledge Widdup improved throughout his tenure. An excellent kicker can only achieve success...
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    The Rumours Thread

    In comparison to Norman, I can remember watching a lengthy interview with Mbye when he was at the Bulldogs. He impressed me with being a clean cut, well spoken and, dare I say it, an intelligent young man. Just the sort of decent guy who would encourage juniors and not end up at a party during...
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    George Burgess

    I know it is frustrating but to be fair there was some talk a year or two back that the club preferred waiting for the cooling off period after the signing to expire before making the official announcement. I don't think Ryan Webb deserves your description. After Doust especially Webb appears...
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    Team Selections Rounds 18-21

    Is Vaughan's Covid party as bad as it gets? I thought the 2nd loss to the Tigers was rock bottom. The 50 points vs the Broncos seemed to confirm this but then came the loss vs the Dogs. Now Vaughan with his Dirty Dozen! It's made me about as depressed as I have ever been with the Dragons and...
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    Paul Vaughan

    Blood Shot & qld rv, I would love the culprits to have to face the fans in an auditorium and listen to what following the Dragons has meant to us over the years. Listen to our highs and lows and the impact on our lives. They need to understand that without fans there would be no outrageous...
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    The Rumours Thread

    After reading the Chammas article in Friday's SMH I am coming to live with the Dufty decision after being totally opposed to it. He has been such an attacking weapon these last 2 seasons and this year I believe he has got better in taking bombs and has made some good tackles. However the...