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    The Rumours Thread

    Jumped into the conversation late. 6-8 are we talking players, positions, inches 😮
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    R12 Dogs.

    I'm nervous about this game. Belmore. Vaughan and Duff will be up. Addo-Carr back. Dogs were terrible last game so Gus will have them up.
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    Molo Junior

    Would also love to hear Sullivan, to Amone, on to Sloan who’s over.
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    Tyrell Sloan

    The kid is all class. Let’s get behind him and support him. Not everyone has a fantastic game each week. Those bombs that Campbell was kicking would be a nightmare to catch. Plenty of other fullbacks at Magic Round had trouble with high kicks in the wet as well. We believe in you Tyrell, don’t...
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    Warriorrs R11

    Dragons by 13 plus. Lomax kicks all goals. Hunt lands a field goal. Sloan man of the match. Amone, Sloan and Sullivan all share Dally M votes. Let’s get behind the boys and be positive.
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    Round 10 versus the Titans

    Well that was fun. My heart is still beating out of my chest. Feels like I’m staring in an Aliens movie.
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    Round 9 vs Storm

    If there is ever a game where I think we actually need Josh Kerr or Jayden Hunt to play instead of Burgess it’s this game. I feel we need a bit of younger energy in the middle third to compete with Melbourne. Would also take the gamble in this game and play Mybe at hooker with Sullivan on the...
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    One of Vlandys comments.

    And I prefer a good steak and beer at the pub rather than a five course fancy restaurant meal.
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    Round 6 v Knights

    Not since Grand Final Day 1985, oh wait 😮
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    Round 6 v Knights

    Seriously though, time to bring the young guys in for Anzac Day. Sloan and Sullivan into the 17. Nothing to lose and young spark might just be enough to upset the Chooks. Momentum is a big thing and an ugly win can get a season going.
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    Round 6 v Knights

    Dragons = Premiers. I will sit back down now.
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    The Rumours Thread

    If Amone is contracted till end of next year old Uncle Wayne can wait until November to make any plans with the kid. Agree they simply need to knuckle down, listen and learn.
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    Not Proud

    I actually think we are the poor second cousin to Arthur and Martha that nobody wants to play with. Better than being in bed with Uncle Fester though like we were a few years back.
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    Round 5 v Souths

    Dragons to hit back this week and turn an average first half into a great comback win. Defence still an issue but second half attack clicks and we actually get some 50/50 calls our way for once. Sua plays a full 80 minutes. JDB absolutely smashes Jai Arrow in the tackle of the season so far...