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    Dragons table three-year deal to Moses Suli

    Off last nights match I would be more concerned with Campbell Graham’s defence in the last 15 minutes than Suli one poor read in the first half.
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    Dragons table three-year deal to Moses Suli

    Correct. We could sign Justin Olam and some on here would focus on the negatives. Firstly let’s wait for an official announcement re his signing and then let’s all actually get behind the guy and support him. If not those complaining are more than happy to endorse Beale in the centre’s again.
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    The Rumours Thread

    Rangi Chase to take up his 18 year return option. In all seriousness though I’m short on Dragons rumours myself up here in Brisbane. Who has something of interest. Can we make another play for Christian Welch again for 2023 and try to entice him early. Great player, great offload and great person.
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    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Press conference Friday. Maybe a new signing announcement today.
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    The Rumours Thread

    He has a great offload in him and we desperately need some second phase options to kick start our attack. A yes from me to prob on a 2 year deal but not paying overs.
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    The Rumours Thread

    Marty Taupau anyone.
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    Sack mcgregor

    It’s great this thread is back. I might treat it like a favourite novel and re-read it. That should take all off season. Still the biggest and the best thread. Quite disappointing really that we had 832 pages and over 17,000 messages about our then coach and Steelers / Dragons great.
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    Sack mcgregor

    Quote, we were 85 minutes from a grand final and would have made it if not for all the Origin involvement that year.
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    Semi Final Predictions

    Storm by 28 is my tip, double to Paps and Turbo to be kept quiet.
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    Round 22 vs Panthers

    Dragons 13 plus this evening 👍😁
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    Round 21 v Raiders

    With this news of Hunt missing a month I have just re calculated the rest of the season on the NRL Ladder Predictor. It still comes up as Dragons Premiers.
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    Rava being rubbed out

    Yep, Rava gets 6 weeks for that for not using his arms.
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    Round 18 vs Sea Eagles

    Lawrie had a terrible game. Gave away 4 repeat sets himself. All his runs made minimal metres.
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    Dragons Final 8 Games 2021

    Dragons to win the Comp from 7th. Get that up ya everyone who thinks we are sh!t. This year is one of those years where who knows what could happen. If Cleary and Yeo go down so do Panthers. If Munster and BSmith go down so do the Storm. If Reynolds goes down so do South’s. If Turbo goes down so...
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    Rava being rubbed out

    Maybe I am simply one eyed however the Tino tackle on Addo Carr when u watch it is shoulder impact hard to the back with no arms wrapping around. Then he makes a late play with his arms. If Rav did that he would get another 4 weeks.