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Recent content by eddiesmith

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    Why didnt we make the 8?

    Matt Cecchin, you know a referee has stuffed up badly when he actually retires over it.
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    Game day V's Knights of Ni!!!!

    Seems even Cecchin admits he f**ked up so badly he's retired because of it, shame it came too late and probably cost us a finals spot...
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    Spoilers Alert - Sharks Vs Bellamy’s Lot

    They would have just had to win, with a 12 point loss they need to win by 12 themselves.
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    Game Day vs the Mr Ed's.

    IF this game actually meant anything, I'd load up on the donkeys but it's not worth losing money over as we ain't going far in September anyway!
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    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    Suck shit Gus!!! Could they have left the game any quicker? I assume it’s only those of us with Gem that they cut away the second the siren sounded?
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    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    So typical, we probably score and seal the game if not for the disgrace of a trainer being able to stop play for a rolled ankle and they go the other end and score.
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    GAME DAY vs the Chokkie Soldiers

    Really hope we don’t blow this, mainly as the Gould whingefest on Ch9 is actually quite enjoyable 😂😂
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    Game Day versus Cowboys

    In fairness some Storm fans were going nuts over 40 points in 80 minutes against the Donkeys last night!!!
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    Game Day versus Cowboys

    f**king Chad
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    The 90s jersey issue

    Looks worse on someone than the pic on the website, but the bottom of the logos seems to line up
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    aramex - new major sponsor

    Nice! I love Zambrero, went there all the time when I was living up the country, but we don't have one near where I am now :(
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    New Signings- Take 2

    Not that simple, he isn't an Australian. The government is obviously making exemptions for touring sides to come and go, but getting permission for someone to come in permanently is probably a lot more trouble. Although if we want him, I'm sure ScoMo would make an exception for us!
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    The Bird Issue

    Surely no one is actually suggesting Jack Bird is a better player than Shaun Johnson or Josh Morris?
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    Game Day v Raiders

    Klein off but Sutton on, we’re actually worse off!
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    Team List v Raiders

    Maybe Ricky should change his mind, they can finish top 4 by winning by 34 points, their full strength side should surely be capable of that against this Cronulla lineup?