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  1. Everlovin' Antichrist

    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    We should agree to swap him (LL).......for Taumalolo. God know that The Big Hombre has no idea what to do with him.
  2. Everlovin' Antichrist

    What a crock of sh*t

    There was no light rail in 2008 champ. Still, thanks for bumping this thread, I had long forgotten about it. The original point was; Some dork said that the walk from Central to the SFS was the same as the walk from Olympic Station to Olympic Park Stadium.... Oh, and FTR, technology has since...
  3. Everlovin' Antichrist


    I reckon Tim Sheens loves Luke Brooks at 7 because it reminds him of John Morris at 7...
  4. Everlovin' Antichrist

    Tigers Draw 2022

    Campbelltown. 2 out of town teams. Check. Months between games. Check. The mob running this club have no clue what they're doing. Perpetuating this shitty draw every season for both sides of the merger just drives fans away. Will never get another dollar from me whilst the draw looks like...
  5. Everlovin' Antichrist

    Luke Brooks

    A chubby and Gladys go together like steak and snot.
  6. Everlovin' Antichrist


    RIP Norm. One of the great errors in TGG was that he wasn't an immortal from day 1.
  7. Everlovin' Antichrist

    Luke Brooks

    The mere rumour that he was going to the Knights gave me half a chubby.
  8. Everlovin' Antichrist

    The other WT forum crazy atm

    I like Turtles!
  9. Everlovin' Antichrist

    Match Discussion: Round 25 vs Canterbury @ Moreton Daily Stadium

    The '98 and '99 Magpies played with more heart than this mob. 0 pride.
  10. Everlovin' Antichrist

    University research on fans' views of racism in the NRL

    800 is great, but if there are any more than 300 AFL fans, that offsets the combined IQ of the rest.
  11. Everlovin' Antichrist

    University research on fans' views of racism in the NRL

    I missed this, probably too busy watching porn. Saw a bit back in the 60's from crowds aimed at blokes like Eric Simms and Kevin Longbottom but little or nothing since back then. Once at Campbelltown in the early 90's though, Wests were playing Newcastle in 1991, back then there were only a...
  12. Everlovin' Antichrist

    Favourite Sports documentaries

    Riding Giants Dogtown and the Z Boys
  13. Everlovin' Antichrist

    Favourite “Cult Classic”

    The Pest Dreamship Surprise Period 1 (German Sci-Fi piss-take) Lagaan - Once Upon a Time in India (Bollywood film, usually not my cup of tea but this one is) Don't be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. Vault of Horror - 70's British Horror Yellowbeard Time Bandits
  14. Everlovin' Antichrist

    In what direction is the universe expanding?

    Sorry dude, I'm about as deep as a puddle of fly piss. About the closest I get to thinking about the Big Bang is watching Kayley Cuoco's vids on Pornhub...

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