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  1. fizman

    Era of the Biff... soon to do a Titanic. Closing in a few weeks

    Men of League could also be interested.
  2. fizman

    Josh Morris takes a dump on the Sharks.

    Fellas, I love and appreciate the passionate tribalism of our Beloved Club but those sentiments are now a reflection of yesteryears. Rugby League today is a "Product" in the entertainment industry run by the media for their profitability. The Clubs, Players and Coaches are simply "Employees of...
  3. fizman

    2022 squad

  4. fizman

    Hynes Insight

    6. Woods 7. Hynes
  5. fizman

    Why didnt we make the 8?

    Ashley Klein
  6. fizman

    Game day thread Titans vs Warriors

    Woods resigns with Sharks for a further 2 years Joking
  7. fizman

    Game day thread Titans vs Warriors

    We lost the following games that we should have won: Round 2 - Sharks 10 - Raiders 12 Round 6 - Knights 26 - Sharks 22 Round 7 - Sharks 12 - Bulldogs 18 Round 21 - Warriors 18 - Sharks 16 Round 22 - Sharks 14 - Knights 16 Today, we take our medicine and regardless of what Josh Hannay says, we...
  8. fizman

    Bryan Fletcher - One day a week

    No idea Mate? Hopefully not Try celebrations....
  9. fizman

    Bryan Fletcher - One day a week

    When I received the call to hear that Bryan Fletcher will be working with Cronulla one day a week in 2022, I thought it was a prank. It does seem that this may in fact be happening as mentioned tonight on the Matty Johns Show.
  10. fizman

    Aaron Woods

    Dear Universe, Please allow the 2021 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks to win the Premiership, so Aaron Woods will be our second Premiership winning Captain. 🤣🤣🤣
  11. fizman

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    If this gets mentioned tonight on NRL 360 - Feej will do a nudie run.
  12. fizman

    2022 squad

    No Metcalf? Sorry! Eyes are painted on today.
  13. fizman

    Game Day - Mighties -v- The Madges ... It is on.

    Hahahaha....Flanno just said "we" talking about the Sharkies
  14. fizman

    Team vs tigers

    Hahahahahaha....I see what you did there,