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  1. Frailty

    News Coronavirus and NRL

    Poor Roberts, he just wanted to go outside. We will forget all the time he gets to spend outside for training, games, etc. As far as I'm aware this restriction was two weeks for Quarantine purposes. So, other people have it much worse than this poor overpaid footballer.
  2. Frailty

    Confirmed Signings

    Yep, totally a 'Run of the Mill' player. LU never ceases to amaze. Sharks biggest issue the last couple of seasons has been defence, especially in the middle of the field. Sharks are replacing Woods with Finucane (for less money), and bringing in McInnes, on top of Fitzgibbon who has a strong...
  3. Frailty

    Opinion The next big thing in coaching that never got there.

    Yep. Went to the Sharks as an assistant after being with the Bulldogs for 10 years. He was also interim coach for a brief period before Hasler was appointed there.
  4. Frailty

    Opinion The next big thing in coaching that never got there.

    Jim Dymock is an interesting one. Happy to be corrected, but from memory - part of the reason he left the Sharks was that he was disappointed when he didn't get the head coaching gig after Flanagan was given the flick.
  5. Frailty

    Rumoured Signings

    Riccio's article makes it seem like they want to develop Trindall but it also opens up options in the market since players like Dylan Brown and Daly Cherry-Evans will both be off-contract.
  6. Frailty

    News George Williams quits Raiders

    Don't worry, upon hearing this Furner has banned you from the club. You know, to allow the club to plan for the future.
  7. Frailty

    Question on Peter V'landys

    Some of these arguments are quite funny to be honest. "He needs to fill some of those empty desks at League Central with experienced, hardened rugby league people who understand the game." - Totally. I mean we need more people like Gould, Roach, etc. who have shown they do not care about the...
  8. Frailty

    News George Williams quits Raiders

    So say Williams sought a release for the end of the season, and then he got an injury that sat him out for a month, would the Raiders be justified in releasing him immediately? No? So why are they treating Mental Health differently?
  9. Frailty

    Flanagan's returning ?

    Let it go... Brett Kimmorley was years ago.
  10. Frailty

    Side v Stinking Stains

    I was hoping for some small change to the team... .. Don't know why though, it's the same shit every week.
  11. Frailty

    Flanagan's returning ?

    There's a reason the Roosters and now the Bulldogs are happy to get rid of him. Chad 2.0
  12. Frailty


    I would worry about signing Hynes. He is a solid footballer, but is he looking good because of the Melbourne system? Not many players look great after leaving the Storm.
  13. Frailty


    Ummm they officially announced his signing on Sunday (9 May).
  14. Frailty

    Welcome Fitzy

    So is he getting the sack for not being able to attract and sign players? As long as we can choose a different interim coach this time.
  15. Frailty

    A Reynolds

    The problem is, you do need a good half (whether it's a 5/8 or 1/2). You can have all the forwards in the world to get you down the field, but without a good half, you won't be converting into points. Look at the Bulldogs on the weekend - plenty of opportunity, but they don't have a good half to...