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  1. Frailty

    The Game 2023 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    Sharks Home, Away & Members jerseys confirmed. Home and away are essentially the same with slight changes to the sleeves (hoops back on the home and the blue and white slightly changed on the away). Madimack also bottom back sponsor replacing Southern Comfort. Home: Away: Members Jersey:
  2. Frailty

    The Game 2023 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    Katter would have lost his shit if the team were called Crocs.
  3. Frailty

    The Game 2023 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    Cronulla Sharks officially switching from Dynasty Sport to Classic Only a look at training gear so far
  4. Frailty

    Fifita farewell?

    As much as I'm sad for Andy because I know how much he wanted to continue, I'm happy he is retiring a Shark and I don't have to see him in that disgusting Manly jersey. Hope he stays with the club in an off-field role and he gets the multiple surgeries needed.
  5. Frailty

    The Game 2023 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    Stripes were thicker and definitely below the sponsorship. In addition to this, the coloured stripes did not extend to the sleeves.
  6. Frailty

    Kanagroos starting 17

    I hope Jake Trbojevic isn't the starting prop (or even in the side) when Australia starts to play stronger nations.
  7. Frailty

    Des looking shaky at Manly

    Manly would benefit from Jake Trbojevic leaving. He isn't worth the money he is getting from the club.
  8. Frailty

    Kanagroos starting 17

    Yeah I don't think I'd want a plodder like Trbojevic defending on an edge. Guy moves as quickly as molasses.
  9. Frailty

    World Cup Squads

    Good point, because Brimson had all those attacking weapons to work with!
  10. Frailty

    World Cup Squads

    Some really awful selections - Martin and Trbojevic being two key ones. I would like an explanation how Burton has earned his spot. He has been picked on a reputation of how he played at Penrith last season, because this season his form wasn't good enough. Of 5/8ths this season, the only stats...
  11. Frailty

    Grand Final 2022 - Penrith vs Parramatta - Game Day

    For all the crap that Kennedy copped in the final weeks of the season, imagine paying him the money Gutherson was getting for his defensive "efforts" last night. Potentially the most overrated player in the game.
  12. Frailty

    Peter V'landys - New NRL/ARLC Chairman

    Do you even watch the game? There is as much wrestling as there has been in the last 5-10 years. Oh you mean when teams were exploiting rules that he brought in because he did so with no consultation or any reason to do so. It's also quite funny you neglect the abundant evidence that teams are...
  13. Frailty

    Peter V'landys - New NRL/ARLC Chairman

    PVL failed on rule changes, negotiating TV and digital rights, and lobbying government. His one win is "saving the game from extinction" because of a pandemic which took out ZERO professional sports in Australia.
  14. Frailty

    The Game Judiciary & Match Review charges - 2022 season

    NRL MRC and Judiciary giving everyone a good example of how useless they are this finals. I wasn't surprised to see Milne get sent off for a tackle with a swinging up where he almost jumps to make the hit. He did the same in the first week of finals, got sin binned, but somehow got away with a...
  15. Frailty

    What To Do With Wade?

    Sharks have completely changed how their edge backrow play the game (in line with broader NRL trends), and that doesn't match with Wade's game. Backrow are much more line running players that need to explode into the gaps. Graham is probably better suited to the middle now, with him being a...

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