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Recent content by gitano

  1. gitano

    The weekly Paul Carige award

    Ray has got this. No question.
  2. gitano

    Lomax released by dragons

    Geez I wish
  3. gitano

    Dragons table three-year deal to Moses Suli

    Because teams need utility value, and if injuries/suspensions/poor form hit, he's great cover. Can play Fullback, Centre, Halves, Hooker and even backrow if needed. He's also experienced and physically up to NRL. Smart buy.
  4. gitano

    At Last, some Ruthlessness in Management

    Feeling really positive after that. Mainly because I don't have to waste any more time watching this rabble of a side until next year.
  5. gitano

    Round 25 vs Bunnies (Goodbye Corey)

    Hook seems very risk adverse. Maybe Norman's shuffling is a result of having any instinct coached out of him.
  6. gitano

    Round 25 vs Bunnies (Goodbye Corey)

    Our pack is the least skilled pack in the competition. It's also the slowest and one of the softest. No second phase. No real anything. Any half ever would struggle.
  7. gitano

    Round 25 vs Bunnies (Goodbye Corey)

    Counter argument is Corey is just following coach's orders. Low risk footy. He was never that style of player. Dufty doesn't agree with Mr Hook either. Oh, and nor do I. We're boring. We're coached that way. Bigger problems than C. Norman. - Gypsy
  8. gitano

    The Kids are Alright

    He's a dud mate
  9. gitano

    The Kids are Alright

    Lomax isn't in that class. Slow predicable steps, poor options, limp carries out of yardage. More worried about looking cool.
  10. gitano

    If Gasnier & Cooper f**ked & had a baby

    Yeah nah. Lomax is a complete dud.
  11. gitano

    Round 21 v Raiders

    Be good to have Bird and Ravalawa back for sure
  12. gitano

    Zac Lomax

    Yep. Runs hard and tough enough to be closer to the ball. Ol' Slomax wouldn't handle it.
  13. gitano

    Moses Mbye

    Mbye is solid enough. Certainly more physical at right centre than Lomax. I assume Mbye gets first crack there
  14. gitano

    Zac Lomax

    Dudmax finally back is he

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