God-King Dean
Oct 17, 2004
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Jul 9, 1987 (Age: 33)

God-King Dean

Immortal, Female, 33

    1. Pantha-Boy
      Hows things on the Dragons forum without me?
    2. African Monkey
      African Monkey
      What's this leagueloaded rubbish that lotti's on about ?
    3. Tonearm Terrorwrist
      Tonearm Terrorwrist
      you're not so bad at sh*t stirring yourself as this page proves LOL ... i'm not sure which particular incident you refer to though as i've lost count at this point in time :lol:
    4. Bazal
      What the f**k is it talking about? What the hell is League Loaded and why do you get to blow in her mouth and not me?
    5. God-King Dean
      God-King Dean
      Was it when I said I'd blow in your mouth ?
    6. lotti
      and oh I've not missed you one little bit in fact League Loaded was rather pleasent until you and Bazal showed up well for the most part it has been.
    7. lotti
      nice little slip up GKD.
    8. Bazal
      She got me too...goddamn if she wants us she should say. STOP PLAYING WITH OUR HEARTS! And start playing with our genitals
    9. God-King Dean
      God-King Dean
      The f**k is an LL ?

      You mean LU ?

      God I've missed you...
    10. lotti
    11. lotti
      are you the same BKD over at LL?
    12. ozbash
      haha, it will take a while for the reality to sink in. Was a great game though..
    13. God-King Dean
      God-King Dean
      They all mean nothing without StormChaser on my list :(
    14. NK Arsenal
      NK Arsenal
      Nice to be on board mate.

      f**k you have a heap of friends on lu..

      you've got pantha boy on here so i spose being on your friends list aint that special :lol:

      got that girl on here?
    15. JessEel
      yes.. i am intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter
    16. Stranger
      What were they like anyway? They looked pretty good. Are they real? Are they built for speed or comfort? What'd you do with them? Motorboat? You play the motorboat? You motorboatin son of a b*tch! You old sailor you! Where is she? She still in the house?
    17. Repo-Man
      Get a f**king life.. No wonder you don't have a job. Wanker.
    18. God-King Dean
      God-King Dean
      You lucky prick.

      I only started to get into them early this year, but I farkin love em now. Wish I heard em earlier so I'd go watch that concert. Truly jealous.
    19. AILD
      haha sweet. So you didnt add me for any other reason? im a total knob, but KSE is awesome...nah all good lol. they are awesome btw, saw em live for the first time earlier this year...went off.
    20. Stranger
      Hey Hey Hey Joe...... Whats your handi-cap?
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    Jul 9, 1987 (Age: 33)