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  1. God-King Dean

    Josh McGuire

    Have to put up with another year of this deadshit Luckily he'll prob only play about 5 games - because he's a deadshit
  2. God-King Dean

    The New Norman

    No one We're starting a dynasty next season Prob beat the 11 in a row
  3. God-King Dean

    The Rumours Thread

    Seems there's a consensus - won't miss him
  4. God-King Dean

    The Cocktail (and Spirits) Thread

    Tried Hennessy for the first time Didn't mind it, but those rappers have overhyped it
  5. God-King Dean

    The Cocktail (and Spirits) Thread

    How fkn dare you
  6. God-King Dean

    This time last year, Phil Gould was right… like him or loathe him..

    Is it any wonder we got blown away in the 2nd half Imagine coming into the sheds pumped up - then having to listen that voice I watch the post match presser and get drowzy
  7. God-King Dean

    Cowboys game.

    I feels its appropriate the 2 biggest deadshits in our team have the last 2 errors
  8. God-King Dean

    Jack Bird

    This forum insists Bird has had a good season - I'm obviously watching something else This guy is the biggest liability in the team His errors outweigh his good plays 20:1
  9. God-King Dean

    How many weeks for Latrell?

    You know the best part of this ? It has stirred up Souths fans persecution delusions Check out their Facebook page - they're the victims
  10. God-King Dean

    How many weeks for Latrell?

    What you reckon @Timmah ?
  11. God-King Dean

    Do you want Brad Arthur as coach

    Arthur looks like an obvious undercover cop at a music festival
  12. God-King Dean

    If Gasnier & Cooper f**ked & had a baby

    - the baby would be Zac Lomax